Coconut song

Coconut song lyrics

I love the Coconut song because it is so easy going and fun. When I listen to it, however silly it is, it brings a smile to my face. So I hopes it does the same to you.

anniversary date ideas

Anniversary date ideas

It’s fun to clear out your schedule for the anniversary and plan a special date. Doesn’t matter if it’s the second, 10th or 50th anniversary, there are always some cute anniversary date ideas.

leopard print

Leopard print is coming back in style

There are ways to include leopard print in your lifestyle and do it in a cool way. In this article I am determined to show you that animal print everyday objects and clothing can be very fun to have. 

socks are a fun gift

Why socks are a fun gift

The older we get, the more we all start to appreciate such interesting and practical gifts as socks. Therefore I have made an article for you on why socks are a fun gift for your friends.

Vegan gift ideas

Vegan gift ideas

Here are some great and very special vegan gift ideas for your vegan friend or family member, that they will absolutely love and enjoy.

cool mugs

Cool mugs to use everyday

If you’re looking for fun and cool mugs to add to your collection, in this article I found some cool options from Amazon. Check them out!

diy creating your own candle

DIY – create your own candle

Candle light gives the room a pleasant atmosphere. Therefore it makes a nice gift idea that you can make yourself. Here’s how.

gifts for mom

Best gift ideas for mom

Mom is one of the most important people in my life and for every birthday or Christmas season I always try to get her the best gift possible. In case you’re struggling with ideas, in this article you’ll find some tips!

educational wall decals

Educational wall decals

In this article I am taking a look at educational wall decals. These are perfect for very young children who are starting to learn more about the world.

vegan pasta recipes

Vegan pasta recipes

The vegan diet rejects all kinds of animal products like meat, fish, dairy and eggs. Instead, they choose to eat only plant-based meals. If you have ever wondered “What do vegans even eat?”, then take a look at some of these simple and delicious vegan pasta recipes!

birthday gift ideas

Creative bday gift ideas

Birthdays are one of my favorite days to celebrate. Good mood, cakes, happy people, celebration and gifts! When it comes to looking for appropriate birthday gifts, it can be challenging. To help you with that, I’ve compiled this list of fun and creative birthday gifts.

anniversary gift ideas

Cute 2nd anniversary gift ideas

It’s often enough to show love and appreciation of special days such as anniversaries. Although quite often gifts can be a sign of love. No wonder gift giving and receiving is one of the love languages. Here are some anniversary gift ideas.

solyanka recipe

Solyanka soup recipe

Solyanka is one of those dishes that tastes differently in every household and is near impossible to make incorrectly. The basic and classic meat solyanka uses only mixed meats. However, in every household it varies. Here’s our solyanka recipe.

pasta salad

Easy dinner in 20 minutes: pasta salad

On work day evenings, especially if it’s hot outside, it would be a sin to stay in the kitchen for too long of a time, preparing dinner. So a good and fast solution for a yummy dinner is a pasta salad.

Tips to remind myself to drink water

Tips to remind myself to drink water

It’s important for a human to be hydrated throughout the day. Drinking at least 2 litres of water for a grown up is a must, although it’s not always so easily achieved. I love drinking water yet even I struggle sometimes. So here are some tips on how to stay motivated and drink the right amount of water every day.