silence retreat

Why go on a silence retreat

In this article, we’ve summarised a few reasons to go on a silence retreat and what you will gain out of it.

Google organisational culture

Google organisational culture

Google is a shining example of a productive workplace. Learn the secret behind their success – Google organisational culture.

engaged at work

Am I engaged at work

In this article we have compiled a list of signs that you might not actually be engaged at your work fully. Find out down below. 


Why choose Huggies diapers?

Newborn skin is delicate and sensitive, so Huggies diapers will take care of baby and keep him dry and active.

I don't fit the company culture

I don’t fit the company culture

Once I recognized I don’t fit the company culture only after joining the company. In this article I have compiled a list of some tips on what to do if you feel like your own values and opinions are not validated or accepted in the company culture.

constructive feedback at work

Delivering constructive feedback at work

If employees will be given constructive feedback at work, then they are more likely to be satisfied and productive in their jobs. Here’s how to deliver constructive feedback.

diy creating your own candle

DIY – create your own candle

Candle light gives the room a pleasant atmosphere. Therefore it makes a nice gift idea that you can make yourself. Here’s how.

Coconut song

Coconut song lyrics

I love the Coconut song because it is so easy going and fun. When I listen to it, however silly it is, it brings a smile to my face. So I hopes it does the same to you.

anniversary date ideas

Anniversary date ideas

It’s fun to clear out your schedule for the anniversary and plan a special date. Doesn’t matter if it’s the second, 10th or 50th anniversary, there are always some cute anniversary date ideas.