Am I engaged at work

Life is built on a rule that mostly everybody has to work. Sometimes you love your job, sometimes you don’t – and sometimes you’re somewhere in between and unsure. One thing for sure is that life gets much easier when you enjoy your work and are engaged in it. If you’re not sure what does it mean to be engaged at work, this article might help.

Basically being engaged at your work means you enjoy doing your job and you see it going anywhere. However you might not be engaged at your work and that is okay too. You simply need to realize that so you can then make the right decision for yourself.

In this article we have compiled a list of signs that you might not actually be engaged at your work fully. Find out down below. 

You take a lot of breaks

We have all been there when you cannot focus on anything at some given days. You wander around the office trying to get yourself to work but nothing helps. So you end up taking more breaks than is necessary. This can be especially common in creative workspaces, but if it’s happening more than sometimes, it might be the lack of engagement.

When you don’t actually need to use the kitchen or restroom, you can be disengaged if you find yourself wandering there. Another indication is taking extended lunch or coffee breaks to get away from the office. If you notice that you are developing bad habits, such as smoking or snacking on break room food when you previously didn’t, it’s possible that your job is to blame.

take a lot of breaks

You do your assigned projects because it has to get done

You can be disengaged if you don’t go above and beyond what is required of you at work. This includes not making an effort to complete tasks ahead of schedule, not participating in gatherings or activities that are not needed, and not being innovative or self-motivated. 

Disengagement is indicated by a lack of initiative. If you do work just because it has to be done there might be a lack of engagement at work. You do not always have to be beyond excited for your work however it should bring you some validation, feeling of productivity and satisfaction. 

Communication is short on your side

One of the most important parts of a company culture is communication. It has to be effective in order to make everybody both feel good and be productive. It can also be that the communication is lacking on your side which might not be appreciated by your colleagues and managers.

You might be disengaged if you discover that you fear interoffice conversations. Disengaged workers may try to avoid relationships at all costs, withdraw, and only talk when spoken to. If you feel that your interactions at work are meaningless, it can be a sign that you’re not fully engaged at your work.

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engaged at work

You have called in sick when you need a break from your job

You’re probably disengaged if you’re taking sick days because you hate going to work. Another indication of disengagement is asking for time off of work for unnecessary activities. Such as leaving early to pick up a child who doesn’t need to be there.

At times work can get frustrating and overwhelming. However every company has the responsibility to make work for their employees as enjoyable as possible. If days off are not enough to rest and take time off from work, it might be something to bring up. However if you simply feel like that ana nobody else doesn’t, it might be your disengagement.

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The quality of your work is declining

Disengagement may be the reason why the quality of your work today is lower than it was at your previous job or when you initially started working there. Maybe at first you felt some sort of excitement but it has quickly been replaced by any other feeling. Sometimes what we try works out and sometimes it does not.

Lack of involvement can result in hurried work, failure to check for any work related errors. And a general lack of concern for quality that prevents full effort. And when the quality of your work is declining, odds are you’re not even proud of it anyway. So what’s the point? 

Try figuring out whether you are engaged at work or not. It will come as a huge relief to realize that maybe you will be happier working somewhere else.

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