educational wall decals

Educational wall decals

In this article I am taking a look at educational wall decals. These are perfect for very young children who are starting to learn more about the world.

vegan pasta recipes

Vegan pasta recipes

The vegan diet rejects all kinds of animal products like meat, fish, dairy and eggs. Instead, they choose to eat only plant-based meals. If you have ever wondered “What do vegans even eat?”, then take a look at some of these simple and delicious vegan pasta recipes!

solyanka recipe

Solyanka soup recipe

Solyanka is one of those dishes that tastes differently in every household and is near impossible to make incorrectly. The basic and classic meat solyanka uses only mixed meats. However, in every household it varies. Here’s our solyanka recipe.

21st bday

21st birthday gift ideas

The 21st birthday is an important milestone for many young adults. It’s the time to take charge of their independence. And it’s common for young people to want to take on the world and indulge in their new freedoms. So here are some fun gift ideas.