Why wearing colourful socks is a trend you should follow?

So recently I got together with my friends from ZEESOCKS.COM to get first hand information about the current trends in the world of wearing and shopping for colourful socks. 

I’ve always liked wearing fun socks because I consider it to be an actual part of the outfit and style. So I was curious to ask a few questions. So here is what the sock experts at ZEESOCKS.COM think!

So what’s trending in funny and colourful socks world? 

We are seeing a steadily growing customer interest for various kind of funny, geeky, individual and colourful socks. Now currently the biggest trends are still fruits, sweets, food and we are seeing a big growth of interest for animal themed socks too!

Actually, one of our most popular product is a bundle that we call “I can’t decide socks set”, that has a little bit of different patterns, so customer can always choose something to wear and match a piece of clothing he or she already has.

zee socks

How is e-commerce trend changing in relation to stores selling colourful socks? 

Actually, it has changed quite a bit lately. People are starting to look for a cool shopping experience and great loyalty progams rather than just cool pair of socks. And we truly want to give it all in a single package.

We are a store that is more youth oriented, so we deliver them extremely fun and engaging experience that includes sci-fi lore, cartoons, space blogs and even a retro styled game!

Besides that, we have a loyalty programme where each customer can complete tasks (such as playing game, shopping, sharing about us in social networks, reviewing products etc.) to unlock achievements to rank up and get higher discount levels. All that can be easily accessed within customer’s account dashboard.

We call this a gamified shopping experience and we are really proud of what we pulled off here.

So your shop is only a good fit for youth audience that you target?

Not only. One of our most popular products is actually our ZEESOCKS gift card. Mostly buyers of those gift cards for colourful socks  are parents, friends, brothers or sisters of people who are our target audience.

Basically, that is a perfect gift for someone that is a young person, enjoying funny socks, games and fun sci-fi experience and as far as we understand – that defines the perfect gift.

zee socks

What does it take to make a colourful socks store that is so tuned for a specific audience? 

First of all, you need to precisely define, who is going to be your target customer, what that customer likes and does in his free time. Secondly, you need to put together a story to build the right shopping experience. To make a story wholesome, it may not be enough with a finely crafted “About us” section on your site. It has to reach every corner of the store – overall design, artwork, product descriptions, blogs, newsletters etc.

For example, why not trying to form a interest club that your customer join, interact, share experiences ? There is also a few good tips on addsearch.com about this. And if you enjoyed zeesocks.com web design, check out this collection of retro inspired designs on webfx.com too!

Yes, for some others that might look unappealing, cringe and even boring. However there will always be those, who will really appreciate what you deliver. And if that group is big enough niche to target, then you might be set for success!

Thank you to ZEESOCKS.COM for this interview.

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