Why choose Huggies diapers?

The need for diapers continues to grow around the world, which is why parents and guardians are looking for the best nappies for their babies. With so many diaper brands available in the shops, it can be difficult and confusing for new parents to choose the one that best suits their needs. Huggies is one of the world’s best known and trusted diaper brands.

When choosing the right brand of nappies for your baby, you need to consider their fit, absorbency, style, design and ease of use. That’s why we’ve outlined the benefits of using Huggies diapers here.

Huggies long-lasting protection

Huggies protection

Huggies baby diapers gently protect the skin, helping to keep it clean and healthy. They feature a GentleAbsorb lining that wicks away moisture quickly and ensures softness and breathability. The absorbent system helps prevent leaks for up to 12 hours, offering unrivalled protection to help keep baby’s skin comfortable and healthy. The protective barrier will minimise the number of clothing changes baby will need to make throughout the day.

Plus, with Huggies wetness indicator, you’ll know when baby is ready for a nappy change. When the line on the outside of the diaper changes from light yellow to blue, it’s time to change the nappy.

Comfort throughout the day

Huggies comfort

Huggies diapers are a popular choice among parents because they are comfortable and convenient. Huggies puts great emphasis on the elastic components used in their diapers, which allow babies to crawl without encountering obstacles. Of course, baby won’t be able to put his comfort into words, but he will definitely feel comfortable because Huggies diapers allow easy and quick movements.

Huggies also provide enough padding to protect babies from injuries caused by sharp or rough objects.

Hypoallergenic material

Huggies hypoallergenic material

If your baby has sensitive skin, you know how important it is to find the perfect hypoallergenic diaper for your baby. Huggies Little Snugglers disposable baby nappies are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.

They are also free from fragrances, lotions, parabens, chlorine and natural rubber latex. Huggies Special Delivery nappies are also made from plant-based materials. They are clinically proven to be hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and dermatologically tested. They do not contain any harmful ingredients and are fragrance-free.

Huggies diaper sizes

Huggies diaper sizes

It is very important to use the right size of diapers to prevent leakage, which can happen if nappies are too small or too big. Well-fitting nappies are also important to help prevent the two main causes of nappy rash: wetness and dirt. Too tight-fitting ones can trap moisture too close to the skin, causing irritation.

Huggies diapers are available in nine sizes, from preemie to size 7. Remember that every baby is different, so while it’s nice to ask friends and family how their baby fits in nappies, it’s really best to go by weight and appearance.

The variety of nappies

Huggies diaper variety

Huggies sells six different types of diapers, so to help new parents navigate these types of nappies, we’ve put together a short explanation.

Little Snugglers are for newborns and Little Movers are for babies who have outgrown the first series. The Snug & Dry nappies have a LeakLock function, which is the best way to retain moisture. Night Diapers are available in sizes 3-6 and are designed to effectively absorb nighttime leaks. Pure & Natural are eco-friendly nappies and Pull-Ups are designed for toilet training.

Original and colourful designs

Huggies diaper designs

Huggies diapers are famous for their adorable nappy designs. They often release new styles that will make babies even more adorable. One of the most sought-after designs is the Disney character ones, loved by many parents.

Huggies has launched the first Huggies Made by You diapers which can be personalised, giving you a unique opportunity to create the perfect gift for baby. Friends and family can now design their own Huggies nappies with a name, monogram or date and choose from five limited-edition collections to give as a unique gift for baby.

For nearly 40 years, Huggies has been helping parents give love, care and confidence to help babies thrive. Huggies will take care of babies so they feel comfortable and clean from day one.

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