Vegan gift ideas

It’s always really hard to figure out what to give to your friend on their birthday. You always want to surprise them and so they would love the gift. Sometimes it’s harder if your friend has a special tase or habits that they prefer. It’s even harder if you don’t really know a lot about their habits, for example, veganism – then finding vegan gift ideas can be hard at first.

Most people who aren’t vegans think that they are just people who don’t eat meat. But in most cases, they also try to be eco-friendly and so on.

So I will help you out with this one. Here are some great and very special vegan gift ideas for your vegan friend, that they will absolutely love and enjoy.

Eco-friendly shop gift card

vegan gift ideas shops

Most of my vegan friends like to try very natural and organic products that they can use daily. Either they like to use reusable packaging, bags, or some other products that don’t make a lot of waste and garbage. So easy to say is that if the packaging is reusable or eco-friendly, they would be the first ones who would get their hands on it. There are many small and big businesses that usually work with this type of product and make reusable eco-friendly products.

It’s something like zero waste, but not the same. They make our regular products, just put them in packaging that can be used more than once. Either it’s a shampoo bottle that you can refill every single time that you run out of it or just a shopping bag.

A great gift Idea for your vegan friend would be either a gift card from this type of business or some product. You can get reusable bags that are so beautiful and specially made for any fashion style. Or a shampoo with a conditioner that comes in eco-friendly packaging. You can also get them some other decor for their apartment. Sure, they would be very happy to receive this type of gift that would also help the environment.

Vegan books for beginners or long-time vegans

vegan gift ideas books

If your friend just started the vegan journey, he or she probably has many questions about this, and they want to find out the maximum amount of information about all of this. What you eat, maybe some good recipes or some pieces of advice. And basically, information about vegans and some helpful tips. Of course, you can find that information on the internet, but it will take hours. The best place to find this is a book that is written by a specialist. Am I right?

Your choice of a book that you could give them depends on how long your friend is a vegan. If they are just starting their journey, you are very lucky because here you just can’t go wrong. You can give them a book about going vegan, what it’s like to start this journey, and so on. For someone who has been a vegan for quite some time, maybe the best choice would be a cookbook, that would give them interesting recipes. This would also be an amazing gift for someone who is just starting to be a vegan.

Reusable water bottle

reusable water bottle vegan gift

This gift idea is suitable for almost anyone. It’s so comfortable and practical, that literally, anyone would appreciate this gift. There are so many water bottles that are sold in supermarkets, and they make a lot of waste and pollution. Not all of them are reusable or are being recycled. There are many containers in schools and shops, to motivate people to recycle them, but not always people do that.

Since this is really a huge problem nowadays many businesses are starting to think of a solution. One of them is a reusable water bottle. Now they really are so beautiful and colourful, you can find the best one that your friend would love the most. A vegan, who is thinking about nature and animals, will really appreciate something like this. They would be happy that they won’t have to use these shop water bottles, they will just have to wash and refill the same bottle multiple times. Pluss is very practical.

DIY candle 

Did you know that the best gifts and the most appreciated gifts are those that are made by yourself? If you put extra time and effort into making a gift for your friend, it would make it so much better and so special. You can make literally anything if you are dedicated enough, it doesn’t have to be big, it just must come from a heart.

After a long day, the best and most relaxing thing for some people is lighting up a candle while you are reading a book or doing some other house tours. So here are some ideas of how to create your own candle. You can put those aromas that your friend loves the most, and it will make it so special. You can add some flowers or any other decorations. Anything that your heart wants. You can make it very personal so that your friend would appreciate it even more.

Healthy tea

herb tea vegan

Not all of us are coffee lovers, some of us prefer tea. And tea actually is so much healthier than coffee. Nothing can be better than a nice cup of a fresh and tasty hot cup of tea. This is a great way to start a day or before bed, to sleep better. Or just to take a couple of minutes off a busy workday, just relax and drink your nice cup of tea. It sounds just amazing.

An amazing gift for your friend who enjoys these types of moments and of course loves tea, would be a tasty tea. It also can be a tea that you can buy in a supermarket, in beautiful packaging. It can also be a tea mixture which you can buy in a small local market. Or even you can gather the flowers and herbs yourself and make a tasty and healthy tea yourself. But before doing that yourself, better do your research and find out which herbs are the best for teas.

Vegan SPA products

vegan spa products

Also, a great idea for a gift to spoil your friends would be a relaxing SPA product for a bath. An incredible way to relax after a long day or week is to take a hot bath and just have time to yourself. Maybe take a glass of wine or tea, grab a favourite book and just sit there and forget every little stress you have in your life. Literally, everyone would love to do that.

If your friend owns a bath, then you can spoil them a little. There are many small businesses like Farmaesthetics or Stenedrs, that use eco-friendly products and vegan products for their bath and body products. You can get them bath balls, some great and healthy salts, bath foam, some scrubs and so much more. They can have their own small spa treatment at home.

A bike

vegan gifts

It’s very healthy and important to stay physically active and in really good shape. We all must take care of ourselves and of course our friends. Some go to the gym, some work out at home, or just go for a morning run. Also, a really great idea is to ride a bike either you ride it to work, or just on the weekend to go someplace not far. It’s very practical and it’s faster than walking.

A great gift for a vegan friend would be a bike. He or she would be able to take care of health by staying active and even help the environment by not using a car. They would have a great way to ger to work or go out on weekends on bike rides. They would do some exercise and be in the fresh air. Your friend will be happy and grateful for this gift. And even you all would be able to go on a great friend’s trip with bikes if you all have them.

Usually, to stay vegan and strictly follow all the rules and guidelines, is really hard and you have to be really dedicated to doing that. So, I am very happy that you have such a strong and dedicated friend by your side. Hope this article was very helpful for you and you found many interesting and useful gift ideas.

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