What are the onboarding synonyms

What are the onboarding synonyms

Onboarding process may be similar across organizations, the terminology used to refer to it can vary. Here is a list of some of the ways employee onboarding may be called in various organizations.

Knowing new employee onboarding synonyms can be useful in helping to ensure that everyone involved in the onboarding process is on the same page. Making communication smoother and more efficient. It can help to prevent misunderstandings and ensure clear expectations are set.

Onboarding synonyms

Below is a list of several synonyms for the employee onboarding process. Some of them have the same meaning as new employee onboarding. Some of them have slightly different meanings.


Orientation is the most common way to refer to employee onboarding. It usually involves introducing new hires to the organization, giving them a tour of the workplace, and providing them with information about the company.


Onboarding is the most direct way to refer to the employee onboarding process. It is typically used to refer to the entire process of integrating a new hire into the workplace, from the initial orientation to the final onboarding review.


It typically involves making sure that new hires understand the organization’s values, culture, and policies.


It usually involves helping new hires become familiar with the workplace environment and familiarize themselves with the organization’s culture.


To refer to the employee onboarding process. It usually involves introducing new hires to the organization’s processes and procedures. This also helps them get accustomed to the workplace.


Immersion is a term used to refer to the onboarding process that involves immersing new hires in the company culture. That helps them to become familiar with the organization.


It typically involves providing new hires with information about the company, its culture, and its policies.

Final thoughts

No matter what your organization calls the employee onboarding process, it is important to ensure that new hires are welcomed and have a smooth transition into the workplace. The right terminology can help make sure that new hires understand the importance of the onboarding process.

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hay colour crate

Where to buy hay color crate in US

A hay color crate can serve as a great organizational tool that everybody should have at their homes. These crates are surely simple yet effective because they are very spacious. Many choose to use them as a decor piece since these crates come in so many different colors.

In this article we have found some places where you can buy hay color crates in the US for reasonable and affordable prices. 

If you happen to be from the other side of the world, our article Buy hay color crate in UK might be more useful to you then. 

Design brand HAY

hay color crate in us

We believe that functionality can be easily combined with beautiful and aesthetic design. So does the design and decor brand HAY. HAY’s owners committed to collaborating with their generation’s best designers from around the world to create high-quality products that would be accessible to a broad audience.

In their wide variety of products we have also found some hay color crates as seen in the photo above.

These as usual come in 3 sizes:

  • Small – $5.95 on a sale currently (Height (in): 4.1; Width (in): 10.4; Depth (in): 6.6; Weight (lbs): .4)
  • Medium – $11.90 on a sale currently (Height (in): 5.5; Width (in): 13.5; Depth (in): 10.4; Weight (lbs): .9)
  • Large – $33.15 on a sale currently (Height (in): 7.2; Width (in): 20.8; Depth (in): 9.5; Weight (lbs): 2.7)

If you’re willing to pay for design, then these come as a great option for organizing your home, garage or garden. HAY brand also offers a wide variety of colors for these crates. Especially for the small crates, they come in 19 color options.

Crate sets from Amazon

hay color crate from amazon

It comes as no surprise that Amazon is on this list. That is one of the biggest sellers who have close to everything and anything in their variety of products. That includes hay color crates that mostly come in sets. That is what makes buying from Amazon more affordable at the end of the day. 

We have chosen 2 different examples to share.

The first option is the small crate set of 4 hay color crates on the left of the photo. The expanded size of each of them is about 5.7×3.8×2.2 inch, and the folded size is about 5.7*3.8*0.5 inch. These are quite tiny and perfect for some home organizing. This set costs $11.99. 

The other example on the right in the photo is a large crate that comes per piece. The dimensions are 14 x 9.1 x 4.25 inches. The cost of one large hay color crate is $30.99.

You can find tens and hundreds of different offers on Amazon so be sure to compare the prices and the deals so you can find the best one. 

Good deals from Connox design

connox design crates

Another option for where to buy hay color crates in the US is the Connox design store. Connox.com has a plethora of these one-of-a-kind products, including furniture and home decor that transform an entire room, statement pieces, pieces with a history, and furniture with a name. They also have plenty of crates in different colors for very good prices.

Since we care about both quality and price point, Connox has one of the best prices we have come across so far.

Crates in small sizing go for $5.03, however some colors even go for $3.35. Medium ones go for $7.55 and the large ones for $21.00.

Now you know the best places where to buy hay color crate in US. 

Funny 40th birthday gifts

Funny 40th birthday gifts for her

Funny gifts are for people with a great sense of humor. When giving such a gift, you need to know the recipient’s sense of humor and find a suitable gift. You have to think about it so that there are no misunderstandings and that the recipient of the gift is not offended. Especially if those are funny 40th birthday gifts for her.

In this article we have compiled a list of funny 40th birthday gifts for her that will leave a smile on your birthday girl’s face. 

Some of these gifts are smaller while others are more expensive and bigger in size. Therefore you can choose one gift or combine a few. Or pick an approach where you buy one main gift and one funny gift from this article.

A funny coffee mug


Starting the morning with the usual cup of coffee or tea is a very common ritual for most people, without which it is hard to imagine everyday life. The most popular is probably coffee, because it can give us energy in the morning and prepare us for the day ahead. But why stop there when you can start the day with a smile on your face because of how cool our coffee mug is?

It is important that we create a positive environment around us on a daily basis. For many, that means giving yourself literal reminders to smile. A funny coffee mug could also accomplish just that. Coffee mugs are the perfect funny 40th birthday gifts for her special day and all the ones ahead.

Personalized caricature

caricature gift

A caricature is a great greeting to surprise your loved ones during the holidays and birthdays. When you find a professional caricature artist, the result can be truly fantastic and memorable. A drawn caricature is a way to sweetly joke about your loved ones. However, it is worth mentioning that this gift has a good sense of humor at its heart.

A caricature is a good gift, because when you visit, you won’t have to worry that someone has already given something like that. In addition, the cartoon can be ordered and received within one or two days. Putting it in a frame or even printing it on a t-shirt – the surprise will be successful. And all you have to do is find a picture and an approximate gift idea.

A burrito blanket

burrito blanket funny

Have you ever wanted to become a burrito, tortilla, or other tortilla-based food? You can become the burrito you’ve always wanted to be by lying down within the blanket and rolling up. Or at least give your friend this chance by giving her a burrito blanket in the shape of an amazing tortilla wrap.

This gift is funny but also very usable. It is a practical gift with a funny twist. The inside of this blanket looks very comfortable and soft therefore it will definitely be a commonly used blanket in her household. And why not cover yourself with a tortilla blanket that brings a smile on your face, right?

Funny pair of socks

Funny 40th birthday gifts

Socks are currently a popular way to not only keep your feet warm and covered, but also to stand out and cheer each other up. In recent years, bright and colorful socks have come into fashion and are considered a great way to give your image a special edge. Socks can be not only bright, colorful and bright, but also funny.

Everyone’s sense of humor is different, so funny socks will mean something different to everyone. For some, funny socks might be associated with jokes and misunderstood characters, while for others, it might be ordinary everyday scenes that just look funny on socks. It can also be socks with gnomes, pizzas, superheroes and pets.

For more reasons why this is a great gift, read in the article Why socks are a fun gift.

Lottery tickets

Funny 40th birthday gifts

Giving someone lottery tickets is a gift of good luck. Sure, it is funny and unexpected – but that is the idea. Those who enjoy playing lottery games every now and then with the hope that they will get lucky someday will definitely like this gift. In addition, the idea of this gift does not mean giving a single lottery ticket – get creative with it. 

One gift idea is a lottery ticket book, where you can combine several tickets from different types – to be marked, to be scratched, etc. Or create a lottery game for several people at the same time – let everyone choose one lottery ticket and see who will be the most lucky! This is a fun and interesting gift that will make for a good time.

A custom badge for the party

custom party badge

Create a badge that your friend, who is 40 years old, will be proud to wear. Badge-making kits are available at your neighborhood craft shop for sure. Or, simply create a sign that can be fastened with a safety pin or be strung up around the wearer’s neck. And they have to wear it for their birthday party loud and proud.

Here are some ideas what to write on the badge:

  • 40 and fabulous.
  • I’m not 40. I’m only $39.95 plus tax.
  • I’m not 40, I’m 18, with 22 years of experience.
  • 40? No, 39, and holding on for dear life.

So here all of our funny 40th birthday gifts for her. Let us know if you have any other fun ideas wecan add to the list.

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Tips and tricks for boiling pasta

Tips and tricks for boiling pasta 

Pasta is one of the better foods out there that is very delicious and relatively easy to make. Who doesn’t know how to make yourself some pasta with cheese, right? However there are still many little tips and tricks for boiling pasta that we should all keep in mind.

As you can see in our articles The best lasagna recipe and especially Types of pasta noodles, we love pasta. And we want to know all the right tips to cook it properly.

In this article we have combined a list of all of the most important tips and tricks for boiling pasta that everybody should know.

Important to know the term Al Dente

“Al dente” doesn’t just mean a funny combination of words in Italian. In this country, it is almost a sacred rule to cook pasta until “al dente”, which translates to “to the bite” or “to the tooth”. In practice, this means cooking the pasta until it is still slightly hard to the bite. If the pasta is cooked too long, it will absorb more water and become too soft.

One of the best ways to check if the pasta is done is to take the pasta out of the pot with a fork and taste it. The Italians even recommend shaking it in your hands to cool it down faster.

One of the ancient methods of testing pasta for readiness is to throw it against a wall. If the butter pasta sticks to the wall, it’s ready. If the pasta falls on the floor and the dog eats it, it is not ready yet. 🙂

al dente

8 pasta tips and tricks

So here are all the most important tips and tricks for boiling pasta the right way.

1. Use a lot of water

You need to use a lot of water to properly cook pasta. Almost five liters of water and a 10-liter pot are needed for 450 grams of pasta. Pasta, like tango dancers, need space to move freely. If the pot is not big enough, it remains only to boil the pasta two pieces at a time.

2. Use salt

Salt is needed in the water not only to enhance the taste of the pasta, but also to help it absorb the added sauce. Two teaspoons of salt will be enough for five liters of water.

3. Do not use oil

Oil is for salad, not pasta water! Oil won’t keep the pasta from sticking, but regular stirring with a fork will keep it from sticking together in the pot.

4. Save a cup of pasta water

After cooking the pasta, you could save the pasta water in a cup to use it later on if needed. For example, you can then use it to make pasta sauce, as the starch in the pasta water will help the ingredients mix better and thicken the sauce.

Tips and tricks for boiling pasta

5. Do not use cold water with hot pasta

Do not wash pasta in cold water! They are simply drained through a colander – this way the starch in the pasta is not lost and pasta retains its taste.

6. Do not cook pasta of two different shapes in one pot

Each pasta type has its own cooking time, so if you don’t want half the pasta to be dissolved and the other half “al dente”, stick to one shape at a time.

7. Sauce tips

Boiled pasta is not poured with sauce, but mixed into the sauce. In this way, the pasta will be more moist and the two components will mix more successfully.

Always make sure the sauce is ready first. The finished pasta must be mixed into the sauce immediately while it is still hot, otherwise it will resemble and taste like glue when it cools down.

8. Know the portion sizing

The ideal serving size for one person is quite simple. If you intend to cook pasta as a side dish, 60 grams of pasta (weight before cooking) will be enough for one person. But if pasta is the main dish, then this number will double.

Now you know all of the best tips and tricks for boiling pasta the absolutely right way.

Bon appetit!

I don't fit the company culture

I don’t fit the company culture

It goes without saying that you should not work for a company whose culture does not match your personality. However there might be different situations that you have found yourself in this position. For example, once I recognized I don’t fit the company culture only after joining the company. What to do then?

First of all, check out my article What is a positive company culture. That is what you should be looking for when looking for a new company to work at.

In this article I have compiled a list of some tips on what to do if you feel like your own values and opinions are not validated or accepted in the company culture.

Figure out what makes you feel this way

Before you overreach that everything has gone awfully wrong, give yourself a moment to figure out why you feel this way. Identify the problem.  Company culture can be difficult to comprehend. While you may immediately think of perks like free food and rooftop parties, you already know that culture is much more than that.

I don't fit the company culture

The essence of a company’s culture is made up of intangibles such as norms, values, and beliefs. For example, a complex hierarchy versus a flat structure, or a company that prioritizes continuous feedback versus a single rigid performance review.

Let’s be honest. It’s difficult to get a sense of all of these things until you dive in headfirst and become a part of an organization. But, before you start panicking, take a step back and figure out exactly what’s making you uneasy about your new boss or workspace.

Pick your desired culture type

There are 4 main culture types to choose from – social, dependable, enterprising and hierarchical. 

Social Culture: In this workplace, the distinction between personal and professional connections is frequently blurred. You might start chatting with your colleagues who soon can become friends. While this isn’t necessarily bad, not everybody can work this way. At times you need to set boundaries when you are not bothered, working productively.

company culture types

Dependable Culture: This organization places a strong emphasis on processes and daily predictability. Everything has a plan and a somewhat strict way of working. Anything that goes out of the line of the predictable, is considered an unnecessary danger.

Entrepreneurial Culture: This company is meritocratic, values intelligence and creativity, and is competitive, even when friendly competition is present. Employees in this kind of culture are motivated to invent and create new ideas. Your opinions will always be listened to, however at times it might be hard to work in such an environment where ideas are constantly pumped out.

Hierarchical Culture: In this conventional and hierarchical society, people revere power and vie for it. Everybody has their own place in the company and you can climb up the ladder in your own time after you have earned it. You need to constantly prove yourself in order to be the best at what you do.

It is clear as day that every company culture can be both exciting and terrifying at first. But there are many kinds of people and one culture will fit you better than the rest. It is okay to try all of them first to figure out your fit.

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