Tips to remind myself to drink water

It’s important for a human to be hydrated throughout the day. Drinking at least 2 litres of water for a grown up is a must, although it’s not always so easily achieved. That’s why it’s useful to learn some tips on how to remind yourself to drink water more often.

I’ve never had any problems with drinking water, but even I tend to forget or get lost in my work. Only then hours later I realise I’ve been dehydrated for a while.

For that not to happen to you, I’ve created some tips on how to remember to drink water. These friendly tips are compiled in the article down below. Hope you find them helpful!

Set a daily goal for yourself

It’s good to start with a plan. It always helps with motivation if you know what you’re working towards and what’s your goal. For example, if you have to drink 2 litres of water per day, make it your mission. Get a measuring system – it won’t always be 8 glasses but maybe it’s a good start.

You might say that 2 litres of water is a lot, and for many people it truly is. Your water intake is greatly measured by your everyday lifestyle – what you eat, if you exercise, are feeling nervous etc. 

On how much water you should drink, check out my article How much water should I drink a day and find out European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) set recommendations.

Read more on how much water you should be drinking in the article How much water should I drink a day.

Drink before every meal

One trick that I’ve found is setting a specific time or way to remember to hydrate. For example, drink a glass of water every time you’re cooking your next meal. Or just thinking about doing so. That way you will make a routine for yourself and soon you will for sure get used to it. 

Another reason this tip is great, is because hunger can be tricky. Most of the time hunger is actually thirst in disguise. You’re not hungry – just thirsty. So drinking a glass of water before every meal can help you stay on track with your meals as well.

Tips to remind myself to drink water

Get yourself a nice bottle of water

Sustainable water bottles are becoming a trend which is very convenient both for our planet and for our health. A good water bottle will help you get rid of plastic waste and also track your water intake. 

I usually go for water bottles that are around 700ml to 1 litre big, that way I only have to refill my water bottle 2 to 3 times per day. In my eyes it makes it a lot easier to follow your goal. Many times I catch myself drinking even more water than I normally planned to.

If you will have your water bottle next to you at all times, it’s more likely you’ll use it. Check out cool and useful water bottles at 9 MUGS.

Give your water some flavor

Many people have a hard time drinking water because it simply doesn’t have a flavor. In times when grocery stores are filled with juices and lemonades with a variety of tens and hundreds of different flavors, it can be hard to come back to bland water. Especially if you must drink a whole 2 litres of it.

A simple hack for that is trying different ways to add flavor to your water. A still healthy but fun way to do so, is adding some cut berries or fruit. They can give a bit of flavor and a nice scent too. It’s also always great to add some peppermint leaves or lemon slices in your water. 

You will find some recipes in this article – How to make your water taste better.

Tips to remind myself to drink water

Try using a straw

As weird as it can sound at first – drinking water can be boring. Especially if you’re already struggling with getting it down. Then the whole day can get ruined by simply trying to drink some water. One way to make it more fun, is adding a straw.

I’d recommend getting a sustainable straw made from some sort of metal. There are so many cool straws in a variety of different colors – gold, silver, rose gold, even colorful metallic and rainbow.

It’s not uncommon that you drink your beverage with a straw and in one moment it’s all just gone. You simply don’t notice how fast your drink gets consumed. With water it could be a good thing.

Find a useful app that helps

And last but certainly not least, you can always reach for help in a modern way – through technology. There’s a bunch of apps that are specifically made to track your water intake. You can set notifications, desired times to hydrate etc.

Water intake in general is often found in many health and fitness apps. I’m sure you will be able to find a way to track your water intake in your favorite health or sports app too.

Get creative reminders on your wall

There are a bunch of creative ways to stay hydrated too. For example, I found this fun Happy Hydrate Water Glass tracker on Etsy. That platform is so cool because it’s filled with creative people who come up with amazing solutions for everyday problems.

If you struggle to hydrate, then maybe you should also get a fun reminder sticker or wall art like this one. You can track how many glasses of water you drink every day week. That way you will firstly see how many glasses you actually end up drinking. And then later it can help to motivate you reach your set goal.

Hope you found some great tips! Stay healthy!

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