Secret Santa gift ideas

Secret Santa is a fun way to trade gifts with your favorite people. This way of exchanging Christmas gifts is most commonly used in large families, friend groups or even at work with colleagues. 

It’s both fun and practical, because you only have to get a gift for one person – and they don’t know who it’s from. This is a great way to let everyone get into the holiday spirit and bring a bit of mystery and magic to the table.

If you’re participating in the Secret Santa this year, here are some simple but cool gift ideas to use as your main gift.

Yummy sweets

sweets gift

Everybody knows that Christmas is the best holiday for yummy snacks and sweets. It’s pretty common for people to cook and bake even more during the holidays. So if you have to choose a gift last minute or the person you got just simply already has everything they could ever need, sweets are always appreciated.

To make this simple present just a tad bit more special, think of the person you’re giving the gift to. What are their favorite snacks, scents, tastes, textures? A great way to surprise the person and make them feel loved is to make the sweets yourself. Bake some cookies, put some fun icing on top and the gift is ready to go.

A scented candle

scented candle

Candles are one of the most popular gifts, especially for Christmas. Because who doesn’t love a scented candle, right? It just makes you feel right at home. All you have to do is choose a candle with an appropriate scent. It might be tempting to choose a holiday scent, but keep in mind that the person will get this gift right on holidays.

So in order to not gift a candle with a scent that reminds of Christmas for the next few weeks, maybe choose something for their everyday life. Look into such scents as honey, vanilla, wild berry, coconut, coffee etc. A good quality candle can get quite expensive so it will make a great gift.

Cool Socks

cool socks

If socks aren’t the ultimate Christmas gift, then I don’t want to know what is! Everybody wears socks therefore everybody needs socks – it’s that simple. And Christmas is the best time to find some cool funky socks, such as seen in the picture above.

While choosing this gift, you can take 2 routes. Number one is choosing some comfortable socks for home wear – they can be cozy, soft and cute colored. Option number two is choosing fun socks for everyday wear. Here you have to keep in mind the person’s style and taste. You can go crazy with bright colors and patterns, but you can also think practical. It really depends!

A cute coffee mug

coffee mug gift

A cute coffee mug is another great gift idea that will be perfect for your friends and family. If you’re willing to get one cool mug, keep in mind it has to be very unique. 

To make this gift even more cute, you can always fill the mug with something tasty. Don’t just give them an empty coffee mug. Fill it up with coffee or their favorite snacks. Christmas themed advice would be to fill the mug up with all the ingredients needed for hot chocolate – some chocolate, candy canes, marshmallows etc. So cute!

Lottery tickets

lottery ticket

To spice things up a little bit, choose a lottery ticket as your Secret Santa gift. If you’re about to ask why, I’m here to ask you why not? This is another great gift idea for somebody who doesn’t seem to need anything. We all have at least one friend who always gets themselves everything they need so it makes really difficult to gift shop for them.

Besides, lottery tickets are very different. Choose a bunch of those that almost often let you win at least something. Of course it’s not about the amount that you can win. It’s more so about the whole process and excitement to see how much you’ve won.

Hopefully you found these gift ideas fun! 

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