Reflections on the book “Love people, use things”

We have all been in a situation where we want to get rid of something, but then we immediately think: “But what if I can use it someday?” People tend to get emotionally attached to things, either because someone we care about gave it to us or we bought it on a trip. “Love people, use things” will help you realize that these thoughts are normal and can be overcome with time.

 What is this book about?

Love people, use things

In this new book “Love people, use things” minimalists Joshua and Ryan take an in-depth look not only at how to get rid of things, but also at how minimalism enables us to re-evaluate and heal seven key relationships in our lives: with things, truth, money, values, creativity, people and ourselves.

In this book, chapter by chapter, the authors reveal the tried and tested solutions of minimalism. The aim of the book is not to alienate people from the modern world, but to show how to live better in it. They use their own experiences and those of others they have met on their journey to provide examples of how to live a fuller and more meaningful life.

Throughout the story, the authors ask important questions: How can we learn to live confidently without the material things we have convinced ourselves we need? How to live a more purposeful and satisfying life? Can we learn to change our priorities? How can we change the way we see ourselves?

Why is minimalism important?

Why is minimalism important

The authors describe minimalism as the art of living a fuller life by owning fewer things. Today’s world encourages us to seek happiness, fulfilment and meaning through consumption. A constant barrage of advertisements and social norms tell us that buying certain clothes, electronics or other goods will improve our lives. But these purchases provide only temporary satisfaction and do little to improve our well-being.

Consumer lifestyles are at the root of many of today’s problems. For many people, buying too much leads to debt. And the things we buy often stay unused or not valued. They clutter our homes and distract us from more fulfilling activities like learning skills or spending time with loved ones.

Fortunately, minimalism is the solution to this problem. It will help you break this vicious circle by getting rid of all the excess that clutters up your life.

What are the key messages from the book?

key messages from Love people, use things

Minimalists believe that controlling our stuff and managing our money deepens our connection with people. The author acknowledged that the minimalist way is about being honest with ourselves so that we can be honest with friends, colleagues, family and significant others. Minimalists stress that new relationships have little to do with how we met and everything to do with why we met and why we became close. The key idea is that we share similar values.

Things – their acquisition, cost and storage – eventually take over our lives. And living with fewer things also changes the money we have at our disposal, which we can use to travel or help society. The authors also highlight the idea that ‘The things we own do not tell the world who we are, but unfortunately they often express who we want to be.

The negative aspects of the book

negative aspects of the book

If you have followed the Minimalists or watched their documentaries, this book does not provide really new information. It rather summarizes ideas that have already been presented. Readers who are already familiar with the Minimalists hoped that the authors would have done more research and developed more guidelines for people to learn about Minimalism. Unfortunately, it is just the same old repeat of their narrative.

Which results in sales of the idea of minimalism. The authors mention the people they work with and their work, talk about conferences and exhibitions. Authors encourage readers to buy things and listen to additional material. So if the book teaches you to get rid of things, why do the authors keep selling the same ideas? In my opinion, this book contradicts the brand message.

Final thoughts on ”Love people, use things”

Final thoughts on ''Love people, use things"

All in all, “Love people, use things” is an interesting self-help book that will be useful for anyone. Especially to those who have ever felt the urge to get rid of unnecessary things and look for what really matters in life. Even if the reader chooses not to apply the advice in this book, it will give them a different perspective not only on their relationships, but also on how they view the world around them and themselves.

After reading this book, I feel inspired and have new ideas on how best to “clean up” my life. It doesn’t all have to be done at once, one shelf, drawer, or one item a day will also suffice. Also, I now know that before I buy something, I really need to consider whether I need it.

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