Quotes about hoarders

People who hoard often accumulate clutter to the point where it becomes a hazard to their health, safety, and daily living.  In this article we will look at quotes about hoarders and offer insights into the nature of this disorder.

Hoarding is a psychological disorder that affects millions of people around the world. It is defined as the persistent difficulty in discarding or parting with possessions, regardless of their actual value, due to a perceived need to save them and a fear of losing them. 

Understanding hoarding

The first step in addressing hoarding is to understand what it is and what drives it. This can be achieved through the words of experts and people who have lived the experience. Here are three quotes that shed light on the complexities of hoarding.

“Hoarding is not about the things, it’s about the person.”

– Randy Frost, psychologist and hoarding expert

“The things I hoard are like my children. I love them all and I can’t bear to part with any of them.”

– Anonymous hoarder

“Hoarding is a complex, multilayered problem that affects not just the hoarder but also everyone around them.”

– Therapist and author, Julie Becker

These quotes highlight the fact that hoarding is a manifestation of a deeper emotional issue that goes beyond the accumulation of things. It is a personal struggle that affects the individual’s relationships, health, and well-being.

The objects of hoarding become symbols of security, comfort, and identity, which makes it difficult for the hoarder to part with them.

The impact of hoarding

The consequences of hoarding are not limited to the hoarder but also spill over to their families, friends, and communities. Quotes about hoarders can shed light on the extent of the impact of hoarding and the need for help and support.

“Living with a hoarder is like living in a war zone. It’s constant chaos, fear, and shame.”

– Anonymous family member of a hoarder

“Hoarding creates an environment that is physically and emotionally toxic. It’s time for hoarders to get the help they need.” =

– Sanitation worker and hoarding specialist, Michael A. Tompkins

“Hoarding is a lonely, isolating experience that can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.”

– Psychologist and author, Dr. Tamara Rothbaum

These quotes reveal the extent of the damage that hoarding can cause. It creates a hostile and unhealthy environment that can lead to mental and physical health problems. It also isolates the hoarder and their families, making it difficult to reach out for help.

The quotes also emphasize the need for support, compassion, and resources for hoarders and their families.

Overcoming hoarding

Overcoming hoarding is a challenging process that requires determination, support, and professional help. Quotes about hoarders can provide hope and inspiration to those who are struggling with the disorder.

“Recovery from hoarding is possible, but it takes time, patience, and a lot of hard work.” –

Therapist and author, Dr. Karen Randall

“Hoarding is not a character flaw, it’s a treatable illness. With the right help, people can overcome it and live fulfilling lives.”

– Psychologist and author, Dr. Christine Parens

“The key to overcoming hoarding is to understand that the things we accumulate do not define us, but the relationships and experiences we have do.” –

Life coach and author, Tony Robbins

These quotes offer encouragement to those who are struggling with hoarding. They highlight the importance of seeking professional help and the possibility of recovery.

They also emphasize the need to shift one’s focus from the material possessions to the things that truly matter in life, such as relationships and experiences. With the right support and resources, hoarders can overcome the disorder and live a happier, healthier life.

Final thoughts

Hoarding is a complex disorder that affects millions of people around the world. Quotes about hoarders offer a glimpse into the nature of the disorder, its impact on individuals and their families, and the challenges they face in seeking help. 

They also provide hope and inspiration to those who are struggling with hoarding, reminding them that recovery is possible with the right support and resource.

Together, we can help hoarders overcome their disorder and live fulfilling lives. Take a look at Quotes about letting your light shine and Quotes about company culture.