Plan your day and be happy

As soon as the end of the year approaches, it is only natural to start thinking of the new year. It brings ideas of new goals and hope for what’s yet to come. What helps me with entering the new year with a fresh perspective is a brand new planner.

I’ve found it to be such a useful every-day gadget. A great planner can be very helpful in managing your daily life – to do lists, meetings, appointments, self motivation and just writing down your thoughts.

Even though there are so many ways to keep a planner digitally, it just doesn’t feel the same. There’s a different kind of feeling, almost stress relief, that you get from writing on real paper. Here’s why a good planner will help you feel happier.

Planner helps with managing time

The main purpose of any planner is to make your life easier by making sure you remember your daily tasks. For those who just don’t seem to have enough hours in one day, a planner is a must have. Constantly moving from point A to point B, it can get really frustrating having to remember it all.

Planners are especially good for correctly planning out your day. Sometimes things can get forgotten and you might even book 2 events around the same time. That can get really stressful and it makes sense for it to result in you always thinking you don’t have enough time for everything. I strongly suggest to always keep your planner around in order to never make that mistake again. When the next event comes, you will know exactly when you are able to book it. 

It gives a productivity boost both at work and home

It’s a commonly misjudged opinion that planners are only meant for busy people. I am here to tell you it’s not the case at all.

Planners are about helping you lead an organised life. They’re about collecting all of your thoughts and daily plans. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a busy person who has a bunch of meetings and appointments every day of the week. If your every-day life revolves  around being active or staying healthy, or even having a positive outlook on life – planner can be a great help. 

It’s good to plan whatever you want. It can be your daily walks, your exercise, meeting friends and even tracking the amount of your daily water intake. Whatever makes you motivated to be productive is good. The most rewarding moment is when you can cross out an already done task. That’s what gives you the boost to keep going and be even more productive.


Planning lowers your stress levels

At some moments we all experience stress. It can come out in a variety of forms but the stress we’re talking about right now, is the feeling of being overwhelmed. That can often happen when you’re not planning your time and day in general.

Of course, stress can be caused by a bunch of different reasons as well. In this case it is important to eliminate as many stress causes as possible. Getting a planner will surely make you feel more relieved and in control.

When you’ll have your day perfectly planned out, you will also notice feeling much calmer. You’ll know exactly what to expect from your day and that kind of reassurance can be truly calming.

Planner can help you track your general health

As mentioned before, you can track anything you’d like in your planner. That includes your health journey.

You can plan out activities, walks outdoors, doctor appointments and your general well being. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Most planners have blank pages that you can fill up to your liking. If it helps, you can even use your planner as a personal diary – write out all your feelings and thoughts. 

Some planners also have bed time trackers, bad habit trackers and stuff like that. You can always personalise your planner to your needs and decide what the best way to plan your day is for you.

Eventually you’ll have more free time

Planner gives you a chance to have a healthy daily routine. You will know your priorities and to-do lists. While doing so, you’ll eventually start getting to know yourself better. You’ll be able to figure out how much time every task takes you. Therefore, you will be able to manage your time.

When everything is planned and at the end of the day finished, you will feel rewarded to have all that free time. It will give you more time and will to take up a new hobby, do the things you love the most. 

Good luck with finding your perfect planner! I hope it will make your every-day life much happier!

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