Mens 40th birthday celebration ideas

Men are usually the ones for whom choosing the birthday gift can be very hard, therefore celebration ideas can be just as tough to come up with. If you want to surprise any man in your life that is turning 40 this year with a fun time, then in this article I’ve come up with 3 fun mens 40th birthday celebration ideas.

There is a little bit for everything – a fun costume party idea to hang out with friends, a romantic getaway trip with a loved one and a fun adventure with family.

These 40th birthday celebration ideas will be perfect for any man in your life. Surprise your father or brother with a fun family celebration or your boyfriend or husband with a romantic trip.

Party it up on a yacht

40th birthday celebration yacht

If the weather allows it, the best parties are always the ones spent outdoors. Especially if you’re looking to find mens 40th birthday celebration ideas. A yacht party idea is a great choice not only for the ability to enjoy the fresh air but to also make it a special way to remember the 40th birthday.

First off, it is a luxurious celebration. To rent out a yacht for multiple hours is quite an investment that calls for special occasions such as a round birthday. 

Secondly, a yacht party can be made into anything you’d like. It can be classy, set up as a dinner party to enjoy with your family and loved ones. Your man will be able to spend some quality time with his closest people and go sightseeing at the same time. But it can also be thrown more of a wilder party on a yacht with all of his closest friends.

Things to take care of:

  • Make the yacht reservation ahead of time;
  • Pick the appropriate vibe of the celebration – dinner or party;
  • Invite your guests;
  • Food – decide on full on meals or snacks with drinks;
  • Music for the background or dancing.

Good time is guaranteed!

Gangster themed birthday party with friends

gangster themed party men

40th birthday is a time to definitely be remembered therefore it might call for a big party with all of your man’s friends. A good idea I came up with is to throw a gangster party. Hear me out.

Every man at some point has probably wondered what it would be like to be a gangster. On the surface they always seem so badass as well as elegant, which is the reason to want to be one. When I think of gangsters, something along the lines of Peaky Blinders comes to mind. So that could easily be a fun theme to follow – both for men and women. 

Gangsters are members of gangs which of course can vary. If your man would prefer the not so classy version of gangsters, that can also be fun. Make sure to create a moodboard to send to guests so everybody can be on the same page for the theme.

Things to take care of:

  • Pick a location for the party;
  • Take care of the theme of the party;
  • Invite guests and make sure they dress up accordingly;
  • Take care of appropriate entertainment for the night;
  • Foods and drinks.

A romantic getaway trip

romantic getaway party celebration

If you’re thinking of ways to surprise your man for a more romantic celebration with just the two of you, then a weekend getaway sounds like a good plan. 

The key in this mens 40th birthday celebration is to take into consideration his interests. It is an important birthday to celebrate therefore make sure it is all about him. The first thing to think about is the location. Maybe your guy would enjoy a peaceful SPA weekend in a fancy hotel with amazing breakfast and relaxing massages.

Another option could be for those men who enjoy the outdoors and nature. You could go for a fun road trip or even go glamping. It still has all of the camping elements except the whole stay is way more glamorous – nice accommodation, a shower and a bathroom and so on. Perfect for a 40th birthday celebration.

Things to take care of:

  • Plan the trip ahead of time;
  • Take care of accommodation;
  • Plan out getting there – where to stop by, what to see etc.;
  • Take care of activities – walk spots, SPA, dinners etc;
  • Make sure you both get dressed appropriately.

Hopefully these mens 40th birthday celebration ideas have come in handy for you!

Remember to organize the party ahead of time! And once the party is happening, take plenty of photos! Memories will be priceless once the celebration has passed!

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Happy gift hunting! 

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