Leopard print is coming back in style

Animal prints have been a thing for a while now, however society’s opinion varies on all sides. Personally speaking, I wasn’t always so fond of animal print on my clothing and other everyday things. That being said, I love it now, in fact leopard print is my absolute favorite. Just like everything else in fashion, animal print has also circled back in style.

Trust me, there are ways to include leopard print in your lifestyle and do it in a cool way. In this article I am determined to show you that animal print everyday objects and clothing can be very fun to have. 

Here are my TOP 10 leopard print objects I love!

1. Fun pajamas

Pajamas is the first example where I am willing to mention the fun leopard print. First of all, this is the safest way for you to really check if you love the print or not. Because nobody else will see you – you’re sleeping in pajamas, duuh! 

I have some very soft and cozy pajamas with a low key leopard print. And I must say they are my favorite piece of clothing. In fact, that is where your obsession with the amazing leopard print might start too. You’ve been warned.

2. A leopard mug

Keeping it on the same subject of sleeping, in the mornings I can not imagine not having a cup of coffee. In fact, more than just one. So it’s good to have your favorite mug. I have written all about it in my article Cool mugs to use everyday. Check it out!

Why not have a leopard or cheetah print mug? Or maybe your favorite is another kind of animal print, leopard just so happens to be the one I like the most. Maybe yours will be snakeskin print or maybe zebra. Love seeing those! It is just such a fun way to brighten up your morning before heading outside.

3. Leopard print swimsuit

This next object you will be getting a link for because I own this beautiful piece and I want to share where I got it from. This fun leopard print swimsuit is my go to vacation outfit when I am by the sea or the ocean.

You might argue that the best part about this set are the high waisted bottoms. Usually I would agree however I must admit that the leopard print looks stunning. Especially when you have got a beautiful tan from lying around the beach. This print really brings out your tan and makes you look amazing.

Leopard print swimsuit

4. A leopard print scrunchie

Another one of my favorite ways to include leopard print into my lifestyle is through makeup products and such. An example I want to give you is totally small and very doable – a scrunchie. Similar to leopard print, they have come right back into style again after being very popular back in the 90s. 

I have dark brown hair and some fun leopard scrunchies really make my ponytails look fun. If you have lighter hair, then you might want to get a lighter version of a leopard or cheetah print. Similar to what I will show you with my leopard blanket in the following few items in this article.

5. Animal printed sunglasses

Sunglasses are an amazing summer accessory. If you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate all year round, then you might be using sunglasses a lot more than me. That is an especially amazing reason to spice it up and bring some more fun into it.

Leopard or, again – any type of animal print works, sunglasses are so fun. You can get the most basic sunnies out there but imagine if they have leopard printed temples. Such a fun little way of making your whole outfit pop. 

6. Leopard everyday wallet

A wallet is another piece of accessory you could make more fun. Since we use our wallets every day or almost every day, you might as well get one that you truly love. I have a few wallets since you never know what outfit you will be wearing. Sometimes my wallet is the only thing I take with me so it better be matching.

And if you are anything like me, I do enjoy some basic and simple outfit choices. That is why I love choosing fun accessories to make my outfit stand out. A leopard everyday wallet is one of those ways.

7. Fun leopard socks

Socks are another example of how to make your life fun. Now is not the time we hide our socks in the shoes or make sure our pants cover them just enough. Socks are a full on outfit choice and a great accessory nowadays. That is why I always choose colorful and bright socks.

You might know that one of my favorite websites to shop socks from is Zee Socks. To my liking, they also have some cool Leopard spot socks. Very bright and unordinary – just the way I like it.

More on their socks, check out my article Why wearing colorful socks is a trend you should follow.

8. Soft leopard blanket

Here is the promised lighter version of the leopard printed objects. This amazing leopard blanket is one of my home staples that I use almost every night watching movies on the couch. It is not only cool looking but also amazingly soft. That I can guarantee since I have another object linked for you here.

If there is anything I think you cannot possibly have too many off, that’s these kinds of soft blankets. Trust me, your guests will love it too, when they are staying over or just cuddling you while watching  a movie together. 

Leopard print blanket

9. Leopard print pens

There is nothing I love more than stationary. Even though school is long gone and finished for me, I still enjoy buying some fun work pens and pencils, sticky notes and notebooks. All the good stuff. And you better believe I chose some fun ones.

Leopard printed pens are amazing. Yet again, if you often choose very basic and neutral things to surround yourself with, bring in some pop of color. Cheetah and leopard print is a fun way to brighten your office or room up. Even if it’s just with the help of a few pens. 

10. Leopard print wallpaper

A grand finale indeed. If you dare, I challenge you to paint your wall in cheetah or leopard print, or choose a fun wallpaper for it. While you think I might be joking, let me convince you why I am not.

The main purpose is to not overdo it. You can have some fun wallpaper accents in your room in leopard print. There are ways to make it not look tacky and crazy. Maybe don’t paint your whole bedroom in leopard printed designs. Other than that, it sounds like a fun room makeover idea.

Have I convinced you just a little bit? Are you going to try out some more fun and daring prints in your life?

Let me know!

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