How to make your water taste better

Drinking enough water isn’t always the easiest task. I personally struggle with it for a very interesting reason – water simply isn’t fun enough for me to drink. I know and I fully acknowledge that it is the healthy thing to do yet I would rather choose something with a good taste instead of water.

So to fix my problem I’ve come up with a solution – infused water. Berries, fruits and even some veggies are great to put in water. After a while the water gets some taste from these added ingredients. And then it tastes great and is still healthy which is important.

So to help you out, if you’re struggling with the same problem, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite recipes. 


Raspberries + lemon

raspberry infused water

Raspberries are one of my favorite berries so of course I had to use them in these recipes. A great way to make your water taste better is by adding some berries to it of your own choice. I prefer raspberries but you can also use strawberries, blackberries etc. 

I usually don’t measure much but I make a huge batch of water of around 2 litres. For that measurement I usually use around a whole cup of berries. 

To make this infused water taste even better, I add some lemon slices. That Can vary for everybody’s taste. Just keep in mind that lemon slices will make your water taste more fresh but also savory. The more lemon you will add, the more savory your drink will be. Healthwise – I love lemon, especially in the mornings. It helps me to wake up and start off my day great!

Apple + cinnamon

apple cinnamon

Apple and cinnamon is the combination you didn’t know you needed. It’s an amazing way to make your water taste like fall. Cinnamon has a way to make your whole house smell like Christmas. For people who love this holiday (like me), this drink will be a great reminder.

As I’ve mentioned before, I very much eyeball all the measurements but I do make around 2 litres of water. Everybody has their own amount of water to drink. To read more about that, read my article How much water should I drink a day.

Speaking of this recipe, I cut about a whole apple in slices and used 1 cinnamon stick. Cinnamon is the tricky part because you don’t want to overdo it. When it comes to choosing your apple – I suggest getting a very sweet one. That way the taste will transport to your water and you will get a yummy infused water!

Grapes + mint

grapes mint infused water

Grapes are another set of berries I love to snack on during the day. So I experimented with adding some of those to my daily water. At first not much happened, but probably because I didn’t leave the water to get infused for too long. It’s best to do so overnight or for a whole 24 hours even.

Then I looked up some recipes and many suggested adding mint to your grapes. Once I did that, there was no going back. Mint is such a great way to make your drink taste more fresh, cold and overall just better!

Pineapple + mint

pineapple water

So as you’ve noticed so far, mint is my new obsession when it comes to infusing water. To be honest with you, I do wonder how my first 2 recipes would taste with added mint. That is to be experimented with later!

For this recipe use some pineapple, I used about a fourth of a normal sized pineapple. Sliced it, added a few mint leaves and left the water overnight in the fridge. The end result tastes almost like a cocktail, only except the sticky and too sweet taste that is often found in drinks with pineapple.

This tastes like an exotic and healthy version of those cocktails.

For more tips check out my article Tips to remind myself to drink water.

I hope you will try these water recipes and find one that you love!

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