How long to boil pasta

Pasta is one of our all time favorite meals therefore cooking it properly is very important. However, all of the simple things in life aren’t always too simple. There are some tips and tricks to figure out on how to boil pasta, such as the pasta cooking time for different kinds of pastas.

As we have combined in the article Types of pasta noodles, there are so many kinds of pasta. And each requires special attention when it comes to the cooking time. 

In this article we have combined our favorite kinds of pastas and figured out how long to boil these exact pasta types.


spaghetti boil pasta

Spaghetti is a long, thin pasta dish that may be coupled with a variety of sauces, making it one of the most popular pasta varieties worldwide. The dish with the most recognition is undoubtedly spaghetti bolognese, which combines pasta and meat in a marinara sauce. 

Any form of meat and vegetable dish, or even just garlic and olive oil, goes well with this kind of pasta. When it comes to cooking it, the right time is somewhere between 9 and 12 minutes. You need to constantly start checking it around the 9 minute mark to make sure you have your pasta the way you want to.

Fusilli pasta

fusilli pasta

The spiraled, corkscrew-like structure of this pasta pairs beautifully with hearty meat sauces or chunky vegetables. It is so because the pieces get stuck in the crevices and give the meal a great texture. For the same reason, they can also be made into casseroles or pasta bakes.

When it comes to boiling fusilli pasta, it takes a little longer than other pastas in this article specifically. It is so because the fusilli pasta is chunkier and a bit bigger. Therefore the correct time to boil it is about 11-13 minutes.

Penne pasta

penne pasta

Another common pasta shape is the penne, which has a circular, tube-like structure with diagonal incisions on either end. The filling enters the tube and holds the sauce nicely, so it works best in meals with a relatively thick, creamy sauce like Penne Arrabbiata. 

The best pasta to use in spaghetti bake meals is also this kind. The penne pasta should be al dente after 10–12 minutes of boiling in the boiling water (tender but with a little resistance when bitten). Using a wooden spoon, stir once and try it after the said time. To avoid overcooking, check the pasta after 10 minutes and then every minute until it is just done.

So here are our tips on how long to boil said pasta.

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