Gift ideas for grandpa

As in this blog I’m trying to come up with ways to help you find great gifts, this is exactly what I’m going to do in this article too. Today’s main person to show love to and surprise – grandpa.

Grandpas are the best. They are sweet and caring when they have to be, they will always help you and be there for you. And at times they can also be super chill and mind their own business – it’s a win/win! But in all seriousness grandfathers are one of the most special family members, that’s why it’s important to get them gifts that would be useful and that they would also love.

In this article read more on some birthday or even Christmas gift ideas for grandpa.

Cozy home slippers

If your grandpa loves spending time at home and is all about the comfort, then a new pair of cozy slippers could be a well appreaciated gift idea. It would be something that symbolises warmth and comfort, and also be useful in his everyday life. Good pair of slippers is a must for everyone.

Make sure you get a comfortable pair of high quality. You want these slippers to be truly special – grandpa himself probably wouldn’t invest in good slippers. So treat him with a nice surprise and gift him his new absolute favorite slippers in the world!

New tools for home or garden

I don’t know about you, but my grandpa is known for always being the one that fixes everything around the house. You can’t even start thinking of mentioning having a professional over to fix something. He will get offended at the slightest. His home is his pride and joy, and he takes care of it.

To do so properly, we started gifting him good quality tools. The best tools are timeless, that’s true, but they do tend to get ”worn out”. So it is always nice to have fresh ones. Think of anything he’d need on a daily basis – tools to cut bushes, fix the dripping sink etc.

gifts for grandpa

Screen magnifier

As you get older, so does your vision. Often times grandpas are the ones who do not like admitting that so they keep on struggling during everyday tasks instead of asking for help. Don’t make him ask – just help!

A cool gift idea I came across on the web is a screen magnifier. It can be used for computer or his cell phone. That way grandpa can still browse the web and stay informed. But do it in a much needed comfort.

Sweet picture frame

If your grandpa is more on the soft side, then a sweet gift will be the ones that warms his heart the most. A good idea is gifting him a picture frame of the whole family, of you two or maybe with just him and grandma. It will be such a sweet gift for him that he can always treasure.

To make this gift even more special, make the picture frame yourself. There are many tutorials on the web on how to make a wooden frame, and it isn’t even that hard. He will be able to check out your handy-ness and appreciate it!

grandpa and grandma

Leather bookmark

If your grandpa is a reader then it’s about time you get him a real bookmark! Don’t get me wrong – he might already have one, but he certainly doesn’t have a good quality one. Besides, there are often times when people don’t really invest in bookmarks, they just find something that will do the job – even if it’s an old piece of paper.

I’ve seen a bunch of cool leather bookmarks that are made for the corner of the book pages. And you can personalise it too. If grandpa spends much of his time reading books, then getting him a real bookmark of high quality will be a thoughtful gift.

BBQ set for a real chef

Another specialty of grandpa’s – BBQ! In my family grandpa is always by the grill at garden parties, making sure everyone is fed with yummy food. Grilling some meat, veggies etc! To do so properly, get him a nice set of BBQ tools. If he’s been doing just fine with his old tools, convince him on why the new ones are better.

Don’t just gift them and make him use them. Help him understand why the ones you got are better. Make it a team effort to organise the next BBQ family garden party!

Folding camping chair

And yet again – comfort is the key. I’m sure your grandpa loves being outdoors. Maybe he likes fishing, maybe he’s into camping, building a fire, cooking outdoors, hunting etc. Great gift for him would be a folding camping chair. It is a great way to be comfortable even when there is no place to sit.

It is a super handy thing to have in your truck because you never know when you just want to sit down and watch a sunset. Now he can do so anytime anywhere! How great is that?

Hope you’ve found some good gift ideas!

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Happy gift hunting! 🙂

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