Funny 40th birthday gifts for her

Funny gifts are for people with a great sense of humor. When giving such a gift, you need to know the recipient’s sense of humor and find a suitable gift. You have to think about it so that there are no misunderstandings and that the recipient of the gift is not offended. Especially if those are funny 40th birthday gifts for her.

In this article we have compiled a list of funny 40th birthday gifts for her that will leave a smile on your birthday girl’s face. 

Some of these gifts are smaller while others are more expensive and bigger in size. Therefore you can choose one gift or combine a few. Or pick an approach where you buy one main gift and one funny gift from this article.

A funny coffee mug


Starting the morning with the usual cup of coffee or tea is a very common ritual for most people, without which it is hard to imagine everyday life. The most popular is probably coffee, because it can give us energy in the morning and prepare us for the day ahead. But why stop there when you can start the day with a smile on your face because of how cool our coffee mug is?

It is important that we create a positive environment around us on a daily basis. For many, that means giving yourself literal reminders to smile. A funny coffee mug could also accomplish just that. Coffee mugs are the perfect funny 40th birthday gifts for her special day and all the ones ahead.

Personalized caricature

caricature gift

A caricature is a great greeting to surprise your loved ones during the holidays and birthdays. When you find a professional caricature artist, the result can be truly fantastic and memorable. A drawn caricature is a way to sweetly joke about your loved ones. However, it is worth mentioning that this gift has a good sense of humor at its heart.

A caricature is a good gift, because when you visit, you won’t have to worry that someone has already given something like that. In addition, the cartoon can be ordered and received within one or two days. Putting it in a frame or even printing it on a t-shirt – the surprise will be successful. And all you have to do is find a picture and an approximate gift idea.

A burrito blanket

burrito blanket funny

Have you ever wanted to become a burrito, tortilla, or other tortilla-based food? You can become the burrito you’ve always wanted to be by lying down within the blanket and rolling up. Or at least give your friend this chance by giving her a burrito blanket in the shape of an amazing tortilla wrap.

This gift is funny but also very usable. It is a practical gift with a funny twist. The inside of this blanket looks very comfortable and soft therefore it will definitely be a commonly used blanket in her household. And why not cover yourself with a tortilla blanket that brings a smile on your face, right?

Funny pair of socks

Funny 40th birthday gifts

Socks are currently a popular way to not only keep your feet warm and covered, but also to stand out and cheer each other up. In recent years, bright and colorful socks have come into fashion and are considered a great way to give your image a special edge. Socks can be not only bright, colorful and bright, but also funny.

Everyone’s sense of humor is different, so funny socks will mean something different to everyone. For some, funny socks might be associated with jokes and misunderstood characters, while for others, it might be ordinary everyday scenes that just look funny on socks. It can also be socks with gnomes, pizzas, superheroes and pets.

For more reasons why this is a great gift, read in the article Why socks are a fun gift.

Lottery tickets

Funny 40th birthday gifts

Giving someone lottery tickets is a gift of good luck. Sure, it is funny and unexpected – but that is the idea. Those who enjoy playing lottery games every now and then with the hope that they will get lucky someday will definitely like this gift. In addition, the idea of this gift does not mean giving a single lottery ticket – get creative with it. 

One gift idea is a lottery ticket book, where you can combine several tickets from different types – to be marked, to be scratched, etc. Or create a lottery game for several people at the same time – let everyone choose one lottery ticket and see who will be the most lucky! This is a fun and interesting gift that will make for a good time.

A custom badge for the party

custom party badge

Create a badge that your friend, who is 40 years old, will be proud to wear. Badge-making kits are available at your neighborhood craft shop for sure. Or, simply create a sign that can be fastened with a safety pin or be strung up around the wearer’s neck. And they have to wear it for their birthday party loud and proud.

Here are some ideas what to write on the badge:

  • 40 and fabulous.
  • I’m not 40. I’m only $39.95 plus tax.
  • I’m not 40, I’m 18, with 22 years of experience.
  • 40? No, 39, and holding on for dear life.

So here all of our funny 40th birthday gifts for her. Let us know if you have any other fun ideas wecan add to the list.

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