Few ideas how to automate onboarding process 

When it comes to onboarding, the process has to be as smooth as possible. It is one of the first impressions a new employee is going to get. Therefore it is important to make sure that onboarding lasts a while and the whole process is both educational and enjoyable. One way of improving onboarding is to find out how to automate onboarding process.

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In this article find out some ideas on how to automate onboarding process and make it easier for everybody involved.

Always trying to get better

Based on Gallup data, only as little as 12% of employees think that the onboarding process at their company is smooth and overall effective. It is crucial for the employees to be taken care of, especially in those very first weeks and months of starting a new job position. That is why you, the manager or the boss, have to always strive to get better.

Onboarding just like any other corporate process can always get better – be perfected until it is smooth running. Automatization of this whole process is a very important step that will make it much easier for both parties. 

how to automate onboarding process

How to automate the onboarding process

Automating the onboarding process will help out in saving time for the Human Resources department. When the company has a lot of regular newbies starting the job, onboarding can take a lot of the time that the HR department already does not have.

So here are some ideas on how to automate the onboarding process. Some of these ideas are inspired by the article How to make the onboarding process better.

Set up an employee profile

It is important to sign up your employees for everything they will be using for their work as soon as possible. That can include a variety of different programmes and working softwares. From there on the employees can slowly start figuring out how the programmes work and where everything is. These programmes can be Google Drive, Slack, Clickup, Evernote and others.

Another reason for setting up an employee profile is to get rid of the paperwork. Most time paperwork is what holds up the onboarding process the most. It usually takes a lot of time and waiting for the other party to read and sign everything. So an automated version will be much more convenient.

Create an HR chatbot

When it comes to being there for the new employees, questions will develop. It is only natural that a new workplace will bring a lot of unknown. To make the HR department’s life much easier, there is an option to automate Q&A forms.

For example, it could be an HR chatbot that would be available to employees at all times. It could have the most popular answers to the questions. Or if the chatbot cannot answer the question, it gets redirected to a real human who can then further help out. This would save a lot of time.

automated onboarding process

Record the training program

Another way to automate the onboarding process is to record the whole process at first. Onboarding is a never ending because employees will always get hired and have to go through this process one after another. So it will be helpful for others to see a recording of how things go – it could also be a presentation.

That way each and every employee can learn at their own pace. All of the material is prepared ahead of the time so they do not have to worry about not catching on at the very beginning. 

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