Expanding my collection with original socks

As I’ve mentioned in my articles before, such as Why socks are a fun gift, I am a huge socks fan. It is one of my favorite pieces of clothing that lets me personalize my whole outfit. By choosing some fun and colorful socks, I feel like me. Therefore I’ve decided to expand my existing  collection with some original socks in fun patterns.

In this article I decided to share the designs I’m getting so you can maybe get inspired to do the same. It’s always so fun to share good products so I’d love to take you on this shopping spree with me.

Let’s go shopping!

Cat in a teacup socks

zeesocks kitten cup

I love animals, especially cats and dogs so you will for sure see both in my today’s sock choice. This first pair of socks I chose is Kitten cup socks. They come in a fun color combination that is perfect for spicing up your whole outfit. Since that is exactly what I’m looking for, these definitely grabbed my attention.

There is just something so adorable and cute in little kittens who are tiny enough to fit into a cup of tea. Besides, these socks also give me the association with English tea drinking parties. The cups seem elegant enough so I will call these my new royal kitten socks.

Socks for pug lovers

socks pugs zeesocks

This sock choice comes as no surprise since I just mentioned how much I love animals. I have never seen any pug socks, therefore I decided I absolutely needed some. Also the color combination is so bright and fun here too. These red socks will be a perfect centerpiece of my next outfit.

There is just something amazing about patterned socks. It is way more fun than socks that have just one drawing on them. The pattern just simply makes sure that the whole design is taken into the account and everybody can see it from all angles. 

Original beer socks

zeesocks beer socks

These fun beer socks are another great example of what original socks look like. Have you seen socks like these before? If I have to choose an alcoholic beverage, a beer is always an easy go to drink. Therefore I have officially found my outfit choice for the socks on the night I decide to go out bar hopping with my friends.

If you are ever looking for a funny gift choice, I do recommend you think about socks. They are pretty universal to give away and buy for somebody since you don’t need an exact size. If your friend loves colorful details and accents, socks could be the way to bring those out. Another cool idea could be to personalize your socks. For example these beer ones would be perfect for a beer lover.

A set of fruit socks

fruit socks set zeesocks

Since we started talking about gifts, this fruit socks set is a perfect option. If you know somebody who isn’t all for crazy colors and patterns, then this option is more laid back and simple. For minimalists who still love some bright pop of color here and there these socks could be super fun to wear.

I do love a fun combination of all styles and colors in my socks drawer. You just never know when you might need a more formal and simple pair of socks. That doesn’t mean I will run to the basic black and white socks. That’s not me!

Snacks socks for foodies

snacks socks zeesocks original socks

As you might already know and remember from my articles like Easy dinner in 20 minutes: pasta salad, I love food. And I definitely consider myself a foodie that isn’t afraid to show it with some snack socks. These are the socks that you can better see in the title photo of this whole article – a bright and high quality version.

When I’m thinking of my fast food of the choice, I will always end up saying pizza or burgers. So you see how these original socks are the perfect match for me. Since I haven’t mentioned it just yet, all of these cool socks are from the brand ZeeSocks. They have so many fun designs to choose from that I could shop there forever.

Maybe check them out if you’re interested!

I have found a new socks store that I will go back to, maybe now you have too!

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