Everyday coffee travel mug – Aladdin Java Thermavac

A ood travel mug can be your day saver. Having your favorite beverage on the way to work or school is a very nice way to start your day. But it can all be ruined if you have a travel mug that isn’t the best for your routine or is bad quality. 

For some time I have been using Aladdin Java Thermavac Leak-Lock travel mug. It has made my mornings much nicer. So I wanted to share my experience and reasons why I bring my Aladdin Java Thermavac Leak-Lock mug everywhere.

More about the travel mug

Aladdin is a brand that values sustainability, quality and innovation. They have a wide range of products such as water bottles, travel mugs, vacuum bottles and more. And their products have nice designs for every occasion and every need. 

Aladdin Java Thermavac Leak-Lock travel mugs are made from high quality stainless steel. It has a plastic flip lid which is BPA free. The lid also has a locking slider, so it’s leakproof.

These travel mugs have double wall and vacuum insulation, which means that they can hold the beverage temperature for a longer time. 

Aladdin Java Thermavac Leak-Lock travel mugs have handy and beautiful designs, colorful and simpler styles. 

Best features 

Aladdin Java Thermavac Leak-Lock travel mugs have many features that I appreciate very much. I have highlighted some of the reasons why I choose to use an Aladdin coffee mug every day. 


One of the biggest pros in Aladdin travel mag is lid locking slider. It can be very useful if you carry your coffee mug in a bag. Sometimes when putting something in a bag or moving it, you can open a travel mug lid by accident. With Aladdin Java Thermavac Leak-Lock travel mug accidents like these don’t happen if you lock the lid.

aladdin thermavac travel mug

Holds the temperature

Aladdin Java Thermavac Leak-Lock travel mug can hold your morning coffee or tea for up to 4 hours. And usually we’re all done with our drinks at that time. For me, the last sips of the coffee was a bit cold, but before that it holded my coffee warm till I was ready to drink it. 

But this mug, like any other thermo travel mugs, is also good and useful for cold drinks. In summer when we want a cold coffee or just water, we can also use thermo travel mugs. And Aladdin Java Thermavac Leak-Lock travel mug can hold cold beverages for 6 hours.

Different sizes

From Aladdin travel mugs you can choose any size you want. They have very small ones (250 ml) and also bigger ones that are 720 ml and more. So if you like a small cup of coffee in the morning, you can have a little, handy mug that you can put in every pocket. 

I use an Aladdin travel mug which is 470 ml. It’s medium size and fits well in my bags. And also I can have a bigger cup of coffee or tea in the morning. 


Besides the large size range Aladdin offers, they also have different kinds of designs and colors for travel mugs. If you want to stand out and have a colorful mug, the Aladdin Java Thermavac Leak-Lock has bright yellow, blue, red, navy and also more simpler colors like white and black. And different models also have different styles, colors and materials. So it all depends on what your taste is.

I like this design, because it’s easy to hold the travel mug in and the outside material is nice. It doesn’t scratch easily or have any bumps.


As all the others travel mugs, Aladdin Java Thermavac Leak-Lock travel mug is sustainable. Using reusable coffee mugs can make a big difference. It’s better for the environment, because you can use one coffee mug, not only for the day, but for many years, instead of using disposable coffee mugs in cafes or from stores. 

It’s also cheaper, because you can make your own coffee at home. And if you want a coffee to go from a cafe, you can always use your own coffee mug, in that way you will save the environment and your coffee will be warm for a longer time. 

Aladdin Java Thermavac Leak-Lock travel mug is a useful and great thing to have every morning and day. You can have your favorite beverage with you whenever you want. 

Using a good quality and suitable travel mug won’t cause any inconvenience, but on the contrary, it can help to cope with the early mornings.

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