Educational wall decals

Educational wall decals are a type of vinyl sticker decorations that can be attached to a wall. If applied thoughtfully, they can really make your living space pop! They are also easy to maintain, remove and reuse, so you don’t have to worry about damaged walls.

There are different types of wall decals you can choose from. Some are purely decorative, some might contain a quote you like, and others can be used for educational purposes.

In this article I am taking a look at educational wall decors. These are perfect for very young children who are starting to learn more about the world. You know how it is with practicing – you have keep doing something consistently to become really good at it. It is the same with seeing the same piece of information every day – it will help to cement this information into your memory. And children will quite easily learn from images that are visually attractive to them.

Types of educational wall decals

educational wall decals offers a range of different educational wall decals for you to choose from. With affordable prices, they can teach your child numbers, letters, animal world map and more. These images are designed to help learning through association. Each number, letter or place on the map is represented by a cute illustration.

Learn numbers

Help your child learn numbers through cute illustrations. These come as a collection from numbers 1 to 9. Children can learn which number comes after the other and have a fun way of keeping track of their birthdays!

Learn letters

Teach your child the English alphabet with these wall decals. Each letter is represented by a cute animal that’s name starts with the letter it represents. This way, children can easily learn to associate a letter with its sound.

Learn world map

If you would like your child to learn more about the different parts of the world, you can start with this cute animal world map. The children can learn the names of different animals around the world. See what types of animals live in your area, and how different the animals are in other places. Eventually, your child will memorize not only the animals but will also get an idea of the world map itself.

Therefore you can make the perfect choice for your child by taking into consideration their age and personal interests.

To learn more, take a look at Educational wall decals from Stickerinos to choose the perfect wall decoration for your kids!

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