Cute 2nd anniversary gift ideas

Anniversaries are one of the most special events in the whole relationship. It’s the day when you can show your partner how much you truly care about them. That doesn’t mean you have to find crazy anniversary gift ideas. Although it doesn’t make the choice easier.

It’s often enough to show love and appreciation of special days such as anniversaries. Although quite often gifts can be a sign of love. No wonder gift giving and receiving is one of the love languages.

To make this decision a bit easier, here are some cute and meaningful anniversary gift ideas that you could use. Hope you find at least one that your partner will love!

Personalised jewellery


One gift that works for almost any and every occasion is jewellery. It’s especially great if you’re looking for a gift for a woman. Men can be tricky since not all of them love accessorising. Women, in most cases, truly do.

Either way you’ve probably noticed if they like wearing rings, earrings, necklaces etc. To make this gift more romantic and sweet, add some personalised details. It can be totally unnoticeable and something that means a lot to you both. Or it can be noticeable like your loved ones initials written on the necklace or something like that. 

Picture album of shared moments

picture album

Another cute gift idea for your 2nd anniversary is an album of all the meaningful pictures you two have together. This gift will definitely make them smile and help especially when they’re having a bad day.

You can simply buy an album and fill it up with cute memories. Or to make this gift even more special, make the album yourself. Glue pictures, write something cute or funny to each and every one. It will be an unforgettable gift.

Customizable wall art

wall art

If your loved one is into the interior and loves getting their space together, then a cool gift idea can be something related to that. For example, get them a super cool wall art. To make it align with the anniversary, create some meaning.

It could be the person’s favorite saying or quote. Or maybe it can be a picture of both of you, but made in a stylish way. You can always just hang a picture of you too by the wall but art should be something more. It should remind them of you and both of your time spent together.

Jar filled with meaningful paper notes

paper notes

A cute gift idea could be a jar of cute memories for your loved one to pick out from whenever needed. It’s a sentimental gift idea that costs almost nothing but pure love and a tiny bit of effort.

All you really need is a pretty glass jar – preferably one that can be closed and reopened. You will also need a bunch of paper notes and a pen. Get small paper notes and write something sweet or funny in every one of them. Then fold them so the receiver doesn’t see right way what’s written there.

Anniversary journal

anniversary card

Another anniversary gift idea is getting your partner an anniversary journal. It’s such a cute idea and a very thoughtful gift. Anniversary journals can be different, besides you can even make them yourself. I think it’s best to go with one that looks like a journal.

Every page is a place for a new anniversary. Since it’s only your 2nd anniversary, there will only be one picture of the first anniversary. If you, the one reading this article, have had more anniversaries, then this gift idea is still perfect. Just print out pictures from all of those anniversaries or write down how it went.

Someday you will both have a book filled with special moments together.

A sustainable water bottle

water bottle

Anniversary can also be a time to gift your loved one a practical item for everyday use. For example, a sustainable water bottle. Plastic water bottles are so out of style, besides they are super bad for the environment. So why still use them?

Find some cool options in the store 9 mugs.

A good water bottle will remind your partner to sip water throughout the day and do so regularly. It will remind them of you. Not everybody can remember to drink enough water during the day. If your partner struggles with that, this is the perfect gift for them.

More on this topic you can read in my other article called Tips to remind myself to drink water.

Time well spent together

picnic basket

The best gift to give AND receive is quality time together. On anniversaries you most likely will be together either way. So make sure you get the best of it and you spend the day truly magically. 

Surprise your partner with a cute date, have a picnic together or go to a fancy restaurant. It really depends on your interests, wants and the appropriate weather. A picnic by the beach or in some gorgeous meadow sounds like a dream date for the 2nd anniversary!

A surprise gift hunt

treasure hunt

If you already have a gift idea or don’t feel like getting much, there is another idea. It can be a surprise treasure slash gift hunt. Many times the couple will agree on not getting gifts but you still want to make that day special. This is how.

Create a map of hidden treasures. That way your loved one has to go on an adventure and find something special at the end. It can be hidden notes with riddles written on them. That way one note will lead to another, and then you can both go to a special place. The key of this gift is perfect planning.

If none of these gifts seem appealing, try to find more anniversary gift ideas by the person’s birth date. It’s a unique way to make sure the receiver will love the gift. More on that in the article Find gift by persons birth date.

Hope you found a good idea!

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