Cool mugs to use everyday

There is joy in the little everyday things all around us. Mugs are the example I want to talk about today. If you are a huge coffee or tea lover, as am I, then you know that having a really cool mug is very special. You use it every day of your life, in fact multiple times per day. So cool mugs are more than just for your drinks – they’re made for your mood and beautiful home, too.

When it comes to choosing cool mugs for my everyday life, I pay attentio to what kind of mug I bring into my home. I want them to be fun and make my day better right from the start – my morning cup of hot coffee.

So if you’re looking for fun and cool mugs to add to your collection, in this article I found some cool options from Amazon. Check them out!

Octopus coffee mug with a coaster

octopus coffee mug

Why not start off strong – with this super fun octopus mug? It’s very cool, and if you’re looking for some cool mugs, then this is your best find for sure. It’s fun to remember about forgotten animas and cretures of the world and especially the deep blue ocean.

This will be an especially good mug to give somebody as a gift for birthdays or other celebrations. It is such a unique mug that I am certain your friends and loved ones do not already own a mug like this one. However maybe somebody is a huge fan of octopuses, then this gift makes even more sense. I love it!

Coffee mugs for true Star Wars fans

star wars mugs

These amazingly cool mugs representing Star Wars are made from ceramic. The designer that sells them has many more designs to choose from. If you love Star Wars or maybe even some other legendary movies and series, such as Marvel, you might find something truly unique in this bunch.

These Star Wars mugs are not only fun to have but they also look sleek and elegant. They will surely look great in your home also when not being used. I would almost love to get a few just to put out as a decor or maybe even a pot for my plants!

Cool cat ceramic mug

If you’re looking for a more simple mug but one that also has some sort of a twist, then I found this one for you. It’s a cute cat coffee or tea mug when you first look at it. However when you start drinking your drink, you will at one moment spot a little kitten figurine at the bottom of your mug.

This cat mug is very cute and will brighten up the day of any cat lover out there, who will get to have a drink from this wonderful mug. It will be super fun to hand your guests a arm drink and not tell them right away that there is a surprise awaiting them at the bottom of the mug.

Ceramic donut mug

Donuts are one of my favorite types of baked goods therefore no wonder I gravitated towards this amazing mug. It is made into a shape of a donut. The one you’re seeing in the photo – that is the back of the mug since I decided to leave the front as a surprise so you can check it out yourself. It has sprinkles on it!

This donut mug is an amazing gift to give somebody who loves donuts, of course. I can only imagine seeing somebody drinking their coffee from a donut mug while also munching on a tasty donut. What a fun life! You can pick the donut mug with either strawberry or chocolate glaze.

Starlight coffee mug in green

starlight coffee mug

While looking for cool mugs, I came acoss this green starlight mug. It comes in a truly unique shape which is what I liked the most. It would be the perfect gift for somebody who loves stargazing. This mug comes in a gift bag therefore it is already calling to be a perfect gift for somebody special to you.

I notice it also has a cover on it. It will be amazing to make your drink, tea or coffee, last hot even longer. Besides it’s espcially great if you love making your tea from natural herbs. Then the lid will make sure your tea is truly soaking up all the flavor and aroma from the herbs.

Coffee mug set with insulated lid

coffee mugs cool set

And finally I chose some less crazy mugs for those who love simple yet aesthetic and beautiful pieces for their everydya life. This coffee mug set is an amazing gift for a couple or your parents. For somebody who love drinking their hot cup of coffee or tea always together.

What’s special about these mugs is not only their looks but also their efficiency. Each of these mugs have an amazing lid that lets your drink stay hot for a long time. That means no more hurrying up to finoiish your coffee while it is still hot. These cool mugs are also made with a cork bottom, therefore no more burning your hands while holding your mug.

I hope you liked these cool mugs I found! Let me know if you find something I should add to the list!

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