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Hi there! I am Tedece and you are welcomed on my blog! Here at I write about anything and everything that feels to be important. These are simple and light hearted topics that are interesting to me, so I hope they are interesting for someone else too. That is my main reason for publishing these articles.

About me

I’ve created my main categories which are the following:

In Daily tips I write about anything that I find to be useful for me and somebody else. Internet is a huge space which means that finding new information has never been easier. But that also means spending a lot of time finding information that is useful and true to you. So my goal is to fill up this category of tips on interior, health, holidays and worthy daily reminders.

I love holidays and a good occasion to celebrate life, therefore my next favorite category is on Gift ideas. I love giving gifts to my loved ones yet at times I find it to be a hard task. In times when I find a truly good and affordable gift idea, I want to share my finds with others. So in this category you will find cool and useful gift ideas for your friends and family on any occassions!

And last but not least, I’ve created a Recipes category. I often get asked for recipes on some foods that I make so I decided why not share them with the world? That is exactly what I’m doing in these articles. If you ever run out of fun and tasty food ideas to cook, I aspire to give you some ideas.

Work with other writers and brands

To me writing isn’t only about creating new information. It is also about expressing myself and letting others do the same. That’s why I’ve decided to let others join me too. As in for now there are a few creators I’m working with.

Working with writers

I love to give others a platform to write on, so if you’re interested, you can join me, too. My main condition is that you love to write about topics that are close to your heart. As long as it’s something that can be put under my blog’s categories, I will gladly look forward to hearing from you.

Working with brands

I offer the same opportunity to brands that would like to enhance their SEO and advertise some products or servises. I have a whole gift ideas category that could be used for including different kinds of products that can be gifted to your loved ones.

What I can offer is to either create an article for you or accept an article that is written by you. If that is something that your brand finds useful, feel free to contact me at [email protected] for futher information.

I look forward to hearing from you either way!