Coffee mug – a sustainable zero waste gift

Drinking coffee is a daily routine for a lot of people. Not a lot of them realise that this simple activity actually can cause quite a bit of waste. To prevent that, there’s a sustainable choice to be made – switch over to a reusable coffee mug.

On reasons why getting a reusable coffee mug is such a great idea and why it makes a good gift, read this article.

Why get a reusable coffee mug?

There are many reasons to switch from one-time-use plastic or paper cups to a sustainable coffee mug. Those can be saving some extra money and loving our planet a little bit more. More reasons to get a reusable coffee mug down below.

Saves you some time

Many people can’t start their day without a cup of coffee. If you can, you drink it at home, if you can’t – there’s always a coffee shop on the way, right? 

If only there were a sustainable coffee mug that would let you make your own coffee at home and take it with you wherever you go. Oh wait – there is! Besides, a reusable coffee mug will last you for years and years. And if you really love that coffee from that one specific place – go ahead and buy that coffee! Only this time with your own cool coffee mug.

Saves extra money

With that being said, a reusable mug will also save you some money. I probably don’t need to tell you how every little coin adds up eventually, right? 

With going out and buying coffee every day you end up spending a percentage of your paycheck on something you could’ve saved up. With your own coffee mug you will save money either way – both if you’re making coffee at home or getting it at your favorite coffee shops. They often give discounts to those who take their own mugs. 

Coffee mug – a sustainable zero waste gift

Saves resources and creates less waste

Having your own take-away coffee mug is a zero waste friendly way to enjoy your favorite drink daily. 

There is so much waste that comes with buying daily tea or coffee at shops and cafes. You drink your coffee, then toss out the cup and never even think twice about it. And eventually the pile of waste grows huge without you even realising. If we all did such a small thing as switching to our own reusable mugs, the planet would thank us! I truly believe in that!

Convenient for any drink of your choice

Coffee mugs or tumblers aren’t necessarily only made for coffee. They can be used for tea or even smoothies. If you get an isolated mug, it will keep your drinks temperature hot or cold for multiple hours during the day. That way you can enjoy a mug of hot coffee or a refreshing cold smoothie.

A great gift for tea or coffee lovers

Coffee mug – a sustainable zero waste gift

If you are looking for a gift idea for somebody who loves their daily hot beverages, this gift could be it. A sustainable coffee mug is a great way to not change your daily habits too much – only continue doing them in a nature-friendly and efficient way.

Besides, this gift will be greatly appreciated by anyone who is interested in helping out our planet. Even if the person hasn’t necessarily thought about a zero waste lifestyle, they will definitely be glad to participate in this amazing movement. It only does good!

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I hope you enjoyed this article!

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