Best gift ideas for mom

I love my mom dearly and when her birthday or the holiday season comes around, I want to make sure I findbest gift ideas for mom. If it only were so easy. 

She’s quite picky so I almost always struggle to find the best gift ideas. It took me a while to realise, but the best gifts are those that come from the heart. Birthday or Christmas gifts don’t necessarily have to be huge and expensive. Sometimes the best gifts are the cute, useful and cozy every-day things.

In this article I’ve compiled a few gift ideas that my mom loved! Maybe you will get some inspiration on the next gift to get your mom, too!

Christmas and birthday gifts for mom

mom at christmas

Mothers are one of the most important people in our lives. They’ve raised us with love and have always given us the best they could have. Now that we’ve grown up, it’s our turn to treat them with love and kindness.

When it comes to gifts, I’ve noticed that the best gifts for my mom almost always are something practical. Something she can use in her daily life around the house, at work or on some outdoors adventures.

You need to think about something that will bring her joy. Maybe it’s a family trip so you can all spend quality time together. Maybe it’s a home baked pie, because mom will definitely appreciate your effort into making a gift rather than buying it. 

Fun and practical gift ideas for mom

Here I’ve put together all the fun gifts I’ve given my mom over the last few years. I hope you’ll find these gift ideas useful!

A cool new recipe book

recipe book

If your mom likes to cook, one of the good gift ideas for mom is to expand her knowledge and skills. A cool recipe book is a great gift idea – especially if she likes experimenting in the kitchen with different ingredients and spices. 

Make this gift even more fun and challenging by choosing a variety of recipes from a different culture. For example, if your mom loves Japanese or Chinese cuisine, try surprising her with something totally different. Get her a recipe book with Italian or Mexican cuisine. She will love trying out new foods!

Matching sweaters or pajamas

pajamas gift for mom

In my experience the best gifts are the comfortable ones. It’s usually pretty hard to buy clothing for somebody else, because you don’t really know their style preferences. Nowadays there is so much to choose from that it’s hard to make that decision for someone else even if you think you know them super well.

Therefore I go for clothing that can easily be oversized, like big sweaters and pajamas. The goal of this gift is to get matching sets, so that’s a both practical and heart warming gift.

Useful kitchen gadgets

blender gift for mom

If your mom likes to cook a lot, then she could probably use some new kitchen gadgets. Since they are evolving with every day, there has to be something that your mom still doesn’t have but would love to own!

Maybe it’s a new blender, measuring spoons, a cool bottle opener, new toaster, ice cream maker or anything else. Whatever your mom would love and use regularly!

Custom family portrait

family portrait

Moms is the one person you can always get a cute gift to. Sometimes the best gift for mom is all the family being together and having a good time. The next best thing to that is a custom made family portrait!

You can find an artist that does drawings, painting or even digital art. It will be a sweet and definitely original gift!

Scented candles

scented candle for your mom

One thing that can make a room feel cozy in no time are scented candles. They’re the ultimate gift, especially for Christmas.

That’s the season with all the cozy scents – vanilla, gingerbread cookies, cinnamon, tangerine and many other scents. It can also be a great gift to put with something bigger – make a whole gift box of cute and useful appliances.

A reusable water bottle

reusable water bottle

Another great gift idea for your mother is a reusable water bottle, especially if she doesn’t have one yet. Getting your own water bottle is not only trendy but very useful these days. It makes you a considerate person who chooses to use a recycled product instead of buying water in plastic bottles.

From a gift perspective, this one really shows how much you care about your mom. Not everybody is good with drinking enough water daily. If your mom is one of those people who struggle to drink enough water, a reusable bottle will surely help. It will serve as a reminder. Especially if you get her a bottle that has motivational markers, so your mom can see how much water she has consumed and how much is still left!

You can add some tips on how to drink more water to make this gift even more special. Get some ideas from our other article called Tips to remind myself to drink water.

A SPA day

spa day

This is one of those gift ideas for mom that will be greatly appreciated. It is always so pleasant to receive a gift that will let you relax from your daily errands and just be in the moment. A SPA day could be an amazing gift idea. All you have to do is find your mom’s favorite SPA place and get her a gift card. Maybe even make a date out of it – let her go together with dad.

If your mom is often busy and scheduling a SPA day just doesn’t feel possible, then who said you can’t make your own SPA day? Get her some bath bombs, lotions and other beauty products. Wrap it all up nicely and gift it all to your mom with one condition – she has to enjoy it all as soon as possible.

Happy gift hunting!

If you’re still not set on the right gift choice, get some inspiration in our article Find gift by persons birth date. It’s a fun way to find unpredictable and unique gift ideas!

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