Arrange your living space efficiently

To fill up a place so it’s both aesthetic and functional isn’t always the easiest task. Although there are a few interior design rules that can be useful while decorating your own apartment or house.

In this article I’ll share my knowledge on how to make your space bright, spacious, functional and cozy all together.

Hope you enjoy these tips!

Choose your carpet wisely


The era of all wooden floors has ended and carpets are definitely back. They just make the whole place that much more cozy. What’s interesting to know is that the size and placement of your carpet matters a lot. 

There are some basic rules interior designers swear by. For example, in the living room – the front of the couch has to be on carpet, however the back of the couch has to be partly on the floor. Carpet is an especially important part of the living space – it’s in the middle of everything. That’s why it’s smart to pick a cool carpet, one that you really love and that makes the whole room that much better.

Try thinking of the color scheme of your space. If your room has many colorful objects, it’s best to choose a neutral colored carpet. However if your room is lacking color, bring out the colorful carpet! Itcan be a breath of fresh air that will make you more happy in your every-day life!

Keep everything in balance

keep balance

Keeping a healthy balance is one of the most important tricks in interior design. While arranging your living space, there’s no need to put all the huge furniture on one side of the room and leave the other side empty. Try mixing it up, keeping a balance and have fun with it. 

Keep in mind that you can also play around with different shapes. Everything doesn’t have to be the same. For example, a classic square shaped couch will go together with a round coffee table. 

It’s also worth mentioning not to over decorate. That’s a common mistake – trying to fill up the space as much as you can with posters, books, souvenirs, notes etc. Let the space breathe!

Leave space for movement

spacious living room

Any room has to have space for movement, both for you and other people as well. Walking from one side of the room to the other shouldn’t be a complicated task.

Arrange your space efficiently and make sure you can freely move around. Make sure you will have enough space to walk around your room, do a little dance party or exercise. It’s important not to feel crushed at your home – less is more.

Lamps are essential

lamps bed

The thing that makes the room cozy and comfortable – lights, many of them! Of course, you don’t want to go overboard and live inside a Christmas tree. But it is important to make sure your living space will have enough light.

Use good main lighting and get some decorative lamps, too. Maybe some fairy lights around the bed or some shelves for a more atmospheric and cozy vibe. 

Find cool artwork for the walls

art work

The walls of your apartment or house are your canvas. Nobody likes a bland white wall. Choose to decorate it wisely, with paintings or posters or any other artwork that you love.

It is important to note the size of the paintings. If your room is spacious enough, do not choose a small sized painting. If you put up a small painting on the wall behind the couch, it will be hard to see it in its full glory and the wall will still be missing something. The main rule to follow is to choose a painting that’s about ⅔ of the size of a furniture it’s next to.

Get some plants

plants in room

The best decor for your living space is definitely plants. They have the ability to liven up the space in no time. Also it will greatly benefit your mood and health, air will be fresher.

There are so many different plants. For the sole purpose of decoration you can also choose fake plants. Especially if you’re often busy and can’t be sure you’ll be able to keep them alive. But then again – there are a lot of beautiful plants that are pretty hard to kill. Those are the ones I often go for! 🙂

Hopefully you got some good advice! Have a good day!

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