gift giving traditions

Corporate gift giving traditions around the world

Even though almost everyone appreciates receiving gifts, it can be difficult to pick the perfect one. Especially if the supervisor, coworkers, or employees are from another country. So let us give you a quick rundown of gift-giving traditions from around the world.

With the aid of gifts, we are confident that it is feasible to raise employee motivation and engagement. As a result, we shall begin this article by exploring the significance of cultural concerns for corporate presents. Then let’s discuss the customs around giving gifts in various nations.

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Take into consideration culture traditions

You can avoid mistakes by being aware of cultural etiquette about business presents and the customs of other cultures while presenting gifts. It truly shows your consideration for and understanding of other cultures to the recipients.

The most important tip is to learn about the nation’s gift-giving traditions before doing business there. Giving and receiving gifts can be a highly cherished custom in some cultures, although it can also be seen as petty, improper, occasionally unlucky, or even offensive in other cultures.

Check your workplace’s gift giving traditions and especially policies. Many companies, like those in Singapore and the US, have policies that restrict the giving and receiving of gifts in order to avoid the appearance of bribery. Other countries, like Denmark, require you to submit business gifts to the tax authorities if their value reaches a certain threshold.

gift giving traditions

United Kingdom and Ireland

Corporate culture in Ireland and England generally does not value giving presents. Personalized emails, for instance, are very effective. Achievement celebrations are also extremely typical. The common life milestones to celebrate with prospective customers, clients, and team members include birthdays, professional anniversaries, promotions, and corporate funding. 

Simply try to stay away from any inappropriate or intimate gifts. If you want to bring a gift, make sure it is little and courteous because it is uncommon to give gifts in a professional atmosphere.


Americans often do not provide gifts when meeting a customer for the first time or as a way of saying thank you for doing business together. However, Americans are allowed to give gifts to employees, colleagues, and clients throughout the holiday season (late December). Executive assistants and other employees frequently receive presents from their bosses around this time of year.

It is improper to give your business partners intimate or private corporate gifts, such apparel. 

Nordic countries

If you’re doing business in Scandinavia, it’s useful to know that sending and receiving gifts as part of commercial partnerships is unusual. Their gift giving traditions are pretty much non existent. Even on holidays, it’s not traditional to send gifts. If your Scandinavian business partner has not previously given you a gift in exchange, you are not expected to bring one. 

Numerous personalizations on gifts don’t always work. Instead, make sure the present you offer can be linked to the organization’s ideals or objectives. 


Known as “Omiyage” in Japan, corporate gifting is a significant aspect of Japanese society. It is regarded as a means of forging connections and expressing gratitude. In Japan, it is customary to accept or give gifts with both hands. It is customary to wait until the giver is not there before unwrapping a gift.

In Japan, funeral flowers include lilies, camellias, and lotus blossoms; these shouldn’t be given as gifts. Any type of white flower should not be presented as a gift. Another urban legend claims that houseplants in containers spread illness.

Giving in increments of four or nine is unlucky. Also red should not be used for Christmas cards as it is generally reserved for funeral announcements.

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China gives corporate gifts for a variety of occasions, including national holidays like Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival, as well as professional and personal accomplishments. 

Gifts are frequently rejected twice or even three times before being accepted by Chinese people. This in no way implies that they are unappreciative of the present. It serves more as a technique of expressing modesty and courtesy.

Knives, scissors, and letter openers aren’t good gifts in China since they could allude to a breakup. Clocks (the verb “give clock” has the same pronunciation as the phrase “see off into death” in various Chinese dialects), handkerchiefs, which are often used at funerals and connected with sobbing. Additionally, gifts that come in sets of four, unless they are sets of two pairs, are not appropriate.

corporate gift traditions


In Spain, where personal ties are crucial for any business success, cultivating good relationships and meeting people in person are the keys to success. Spanish people will do business with you if there is chemistry, so make an effort to present the best image of yourself by appearing respectable and modest. 

Due to their cultural associations, dahlias, chrysanthemums, white lilies, and red roses should never be offered as flowers. Sending flowers in odd numbers is essential as long as they don’t add up to thirteen.

Muslim countries

When learning about corporate gift-giving etiquette in different countries, pay special attention to Muslim countries. The fundamental reason for this is the abundance of restrictions. 

The Koran forbids drinking alcohol. You should never provide anything that contains alcohol as a result, including beverages and colognes. Additionally, you should avoid foods that contain derivatives of pig, bird, and shellfish. 

Give no artwork that contains nudity. In any case, do your homework thoroughly before buying anything because in some countries, like Saudi Arabia, you should only offer gifts to close friends or relatives.

It can be challenging to choose the perfect gift on your own. It is crucial to be aware of cultural restrictions on business presents. Now that you know more about gift giving traditions in various countries, you will be in luck when doing business in the above mentioned places. 

Let us know which countries we missed and you’d like to learn more about!

gifts for gamers

How to choose gifts for gamers

We often want to be as specific as possible when choosing gifts, so that we can find good and suitable presents. For example, in this article we will look at everything you need to know in order to choose good gifts for gamers.

If your birthday boy likes to spend his free time gaming, then a gift related to gaming will be both enjoyable and useful. But where to start and how to know which gift to choose?

In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to choose gifts for gamers and what categories to look for.

Tips for choosing gifts for a gamer man

Before we get down to the real gift ideas and suggestions, it’s worth considering what category to look for gifts in. This is because gifts for a gamer can be very different. 

Here are some factors that will help you choose which category to look for gifts for a male gamer.

1. Gaming platform

First, it is important to choose the platform on which your birthday boy plays games. Nowadays, there are quite a lot of choices. As games can be played on the phone or on the computer, for example.

So it will be useful to find out which platform is popular for your gamer. Maybe computer, phone, games console? This will help to make the process of choosing the most suitable gift for a male gamer.

2. Favorite gaming genre

One more thing that would be important to consider is the gaming genre that your gamer likes best. Also, there are many genres in the gaming world. Some people like to play alone, others like to play in teams.

The genre will also determine the different gift choices. Mainly, of course, if you want to give a man a game. Then it’s good to know whether to look for a gift in the strategy, adventure, horror or sports genre.

gaming gifts for men

3. Gamer accessories

Many gamers like to personalize and enhance their gaming experience. This can be done with accessories such as gaming headsets, controllers, keyboards and mouse pads. Of course, you can also always think about enhancing your gaming space with colorful lamps and decor.

Consider what accessories a man might need or like to use.

4. Released merchandise

There are different types of game-related merchandise available. This can be anything from the game brand itself or a popular gamer that your gamer watches regularly.

This merchandise can vary from printed t-shirts,  hoodies, figurines and stickers. Consider what types of products the birthday boy might like based on his favorite games.

5. Game subscriptions

Many games require a subscription to access premium content or to play online. So if your man only plays one type of game on a particular server, it’s worth considering a subscription gift.

Of course, you can also opt for a gift card. If you don’t know exactly what to buy, but want to please your man with a gaming-related gift.

Tips on what gifts to choose for gamers

We have divided the tips into 3 main categories. These are gifts that will improve the gaming experience, the man’s health and the gaming space.

Good luck in choosing the best gift!

Gifts for a better gaming experience

The first category of gifts to look at are practical gifts for the male gamer. These are gifts that will help him play games and do so as comfortably as possible.

There are various gift ideas that fall into this category.

Some of our favorite choices might be:

  • A stylish computer mouse – to help improve accuracy during games;
  • Gaming headphones – will ensure high sound quality;
  • A gaming chair – will give you a comfortable seating position;
  • Keyboard – mechanical gaming keyboards provide faster response times;
  • Gaming monitor – a high-resolution monitor will be a great addition.

These are gifts for the male gamer that everyone will enjoy.

Gifts for the gamer’s health

Another category of gifts are gifts for the gamer’s health. We all know how easy it is to get hooked on video games and not notice how half the day has gone by. 

However, it is also important to remember to drink water regularly, eat, move around, etc.

That’s why there are gifts that can remind a man to take care of himself while still having a good time playing exciting games.

Here, such gifts are a great choice:

  • Glasses with blue light shields – they protect from blue light without irritating the eyes;
  • Ergonomic mouse – provides a better hand position so your arm doesn’t get tired so quickly;
  • Gifts for sports – dumbbells, exercise mat, etc. to remind you to move;
  • Water bottle – will serve as a cool and healthy reminder to drink more water;
  • Healthy snacks – when you don’t have time to cook, you can have a healthy snack in between games.

Gifts for gamers don’t always have to be directly related to the games. They can also be related to the man’s health. Or the décor of the room.

gifts for gamers

Gifts for gamer’s room

Video game players are part of a specific cultural group that also has its own fashion and design trends. For example, neon-colored lights are often seen in gamer rooms. Various LED lights and other decor. 

Here are some gift ideas that might appeal to your gamer:

  • LED string lights – to add color and atmosphere to the playroom;
  • Gaming art or posters – featuring the birthday boy’s favorite games or characters;
  • Decorative cushions or throws – also with the gamer’s favorite game themes;
  • Cable organizer or hideaway – to keep all the wires in one place, organized and hidden;
  • Table organizer – for a cleaner design;
  • Stylish shelves – to give the room more free space to display gaming products, figurines, etc.

We hope these gifts for gamers will come in handy!

May you find something really useful for your gamer birthday boy!

Gifts for men

Gifts for men that they will love

Gift giving is a wonderful way to express your love, appreciation, and gratitude towards the men in your life. Whether it’s your father, brother, husband, boyfriend, or a male friend, finding gifts for men that would make them happy can be a bit challenging.

The key to choosing the right gift for a man is to consider his interests, hobbies, and preferences. However, there are some general guidelines that you can follow to ensure that your gift will bring a smile to his face.

In this article find out what are the gifts for men that they will love and what categories to look into.

Practical gifts

practical Gifts for men

Men are known to appreciate practical gifts that they can use on a regular basis. Many men are ones that appreciate practical things and therefore practical gifts. 

Think of items that would make their daily routine easier, such as a multi-tool, a leather wallet, a new phone case, or a high-quality shaving kit. These types of gifts not only show that you care about their needs, but they also demonstrate your attention to detail. 

Experience gifts

experience Gifts for men

Instead of giving a physical item, consider giving an experience gift that would create lasting memories. This is the type of gift that you can give to men that already seem to have it all. It may be hard to shop for them for any practical things. Then the next best thing is to give them an amazing experience.

This could be tickets to a sporting event, a concert, a comedy show, or a cooking class. Experience gifts allow men to step outside their comfort zone and try something new, which can be a great way to bond and connect with them. Keep in mind that you might have to go along with them on the gifted journey.

One experience gift could be the celebration of the man’s birthday. See some of our ideas in our article Mens 40th birthday celebration ideas. What will it be? A boat party or a romantic getaway?

Personalized gifts

personalized gift ideas

Next idea on gifts for men that they will love is personalized gifts. You can choose anything practical or useful for his hobbies or interests. Then personalize it with his name, initials, a special date or anything else he might find meaningful.

Personalized gifts are a great way to show that you put thought and effort into the gift. This could be a monogrammed leather portfolio, a custom-made wooden watch, or a personalized beer mug. By adding a personal touch, you’re not only giving a gift, but you’re also giving a keepsake that will be cherished for years to come.

Tech gifts

tech gifts for men

Most men are tech-savvy and appreciate the latest gadgets and accessories. Consider gifting a new pair of wireless headphones, a smartwatch, or a portable Bluetooth speaker. These types of gifts are not only functional but also fun and entertaining.

Gadgets are something that all of us start to like and use more and more. They are making our lives easier and more efficient. Any man would love gadgets that will be fun to use.

Handmade gifts

handmade gift for a man

Handmade gifts are another idea for great gifts for men. It serves as a great way to show your creativity and showcase your talent. This could be a homemade batch of cookies, a hand-knitted scarf, or a personalized piece of artwork. 

It doesn’t have to be a crazy huge DIY project. Anything that comes from your heart will be very meaningful. Handmade gifts are unique, heartfelt, and show that you put time and effort into creating something special. For example, see our article and Create your own candle. Such a cute gift idea!

In conclusion, choosing the right gift for a man can be a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, and a thoughtful gift can go a long way in strengthening your relationship.

We hope these gifts for men and our ideas are useful to you!

gift for a man

What will be the perfect 40th birthday gift for a man 

Finding the perfect gift for a man in his 40s can be a difficult task. This is because at this stage of life, men have usually already developed their own personal style and tastes, and may already have the things they need or want.

In addition, men in their 40s often have more sophisticated tastes and can be more choosy about what they accept as a gift. You can of course take a look at some gift idea articles, such as Gifts for men.

But you can also see some ideas in this article on what is the perfect gift for a man on his 40th birthday specifically.

A hobby-related gift

One of the biggest challenges when looking for a gift for a 40-year-old man is identifying his interests and hobbies. Many men at this age have already established their interests and may not be as open to trying new things as they were when they were younger. It can be difficult to find a gift that suits his existing interests but also offers something new.

As for hobbies, sometimes it is good to find a specialist hobby shop and give a gift voucher there. After all, only the hobby owner will know what he needs.

A useful and thoughtful gift

Another challenge is to find a gift that is both useful and thoughtful. Many men in their forties have reached a stage in life where they have most of the necessities and luxuries they want.

Finding a gift that is both practical and thoughtful can be difficult because you need to understand the needs and wants of the man. This could be something practical for the home, such as a wine bottle cooler. This would be a great gift if the man likes white wine, which should preferably be cool.

gift for a man

A gift to help relax

Another problem is that men in their forties often have many responsibilities and may not have as much free time as they used to. A great idea can be to find a gift that can help them relax and unwind or something that can help them cope with their responsibilities.

Some specific suggestions for relaxation could be a spa break with the family or a massage with a good specialist. Of course, you could also give them some cool things to relax with, like a garden chair, a hammock or a good quality cushion.

A good idea could be to throw your man a surprise party. Ideas are listed in our article Mens 40th birthday celebration ideas.

In conclusion, finding the perfect gift for a man in his 40s can be a difficult task, given their established interests and tastes, practicality and busy lifestyle. When choosing a gift, it is important to take into account his interests, needs and desires, and to think outside the box to find something useful and thoughtful.

gift for a man

A garden barbecue grill is a practical gift for a man

A barbecue or garden grill is a practical gift for any man who enjoys spending time in the garden and loves cooking outdoors. Not only do they provide a great way to cook and entertain guests, they can also be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any outdoor space.

There are different types of barbecues that can make a great gift for a man. Each with their own advantages and suitable for different purposes. This article summarises the different suggestions for choosing the right grill.

Authentic charcoal grills

Charcoal grills are the most traditional type of barbecue and give a smoky, authentic flavour to the food cooked on them. They are relatively inexpensive to buy, with entry-level models costing around €30, and can be suitable for small garden areas. 

However, they require more effort to use and maintain. As charcoal has to be added and lit to start the fire. Specific skills are required to operate such a grill. Most men have such skills, but in any case it would be necessary to make sure.

Convenient gas grills

Gas grills are a popular choice for many people because they are easy to start and use and can provide even cooking temperatures. They are more expensive than charcoal grills. Entry-level models cost around €10. But they are generally more durable and require less maintenance.

These garden grills will suit larger garden areas and can cook a variety of foods. They will appeal to demanding cooks as they can cook meat just the way it tastes best.

Practical electric grills

Electric barbecue grills are a relatively new type of barbecue and are becoming increasingly popular. That is because they are convenient and easy to use. They are generally more expensive than charcoal and gas grills – entry-level models cost around €100. These grills are very easy to use and can be set up in minutes.

They are suitable for small garden areas and are very low maintenance. These are also much safer as they do not have an open flame. And can therefore be used on the terrace of the house. They also do not have the smoke and fumes of gas and charcoal grills.

gift for a man

Conventional wood grills

Finally, wood-fired grills are becoming increasingly popular as they give a unique flavour and aesthetic look to the food cooked on them. These grills come in a wide range of prices. A simple one will cost around EUR 40. But quality and beauty will cost around GBP 150. However, they are generally very durable and require very little maintenance.

They can be suitable for larger garden areas and are usually very easy to install and use. However, it is important to make sure that the new grill owner will also have firewood to fuel the grill. Hardwood is suitable for barbecues – alder wood is the most suitable.


In conclusion, a barbecue is the perfect gift for any man who enjoys spending time in the garden and who likes to cook outdoors. It is a really practical gift for a man because it will bring him pleasure and can be used for a very long time.

Whatever grill you decide to give, it’s a good idea to include materials in the gift set to try out the new grill right away. A set of tools for using the grill would also be a great addition.

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Happy bbq’ing!

40th birthday celebration

Mens 40th birthday celebration ideas

Men are usually the ones for whom choosing the birthday gift can be very hard, therefore celebration ideas can be just as tough to come up with. If you want to surprise any man in your life that is turning 40 this year with a fun time, then in this article I’ve come up with 3 fun mens 40th birthday celebration ideas.

There is a little bit for everything – a fun costume party idea to hang out with friends, a romantic getaway trip with a loved one and a fun adventure with family.

These 40th birthday celebration ideas will be perfect for any man in your life. Surprise your father or brother with a fun family celebration or your boyfriend or husband with a romantic trip.

Party it up on a yacht

40th birthday celebration yacht

If the weather allows it, the best parties are always the ones spent outdoors. Especially if you’re looking to find mens 40th birthday celebration ideas. A yacht party idea is a great choice not only for the ability to enjoy the fresh air but to also make it a special way to remember the 40th birthday.

First off, it is a luxurious celebration. To rent out a yacht for multiple hours is quite an investment that calls for special occasions such as a round birthday. 

Secondly, a yacht party can be made into anything you’d like. It can be classy, set up as a dinner party to enjoy with your family and loved ones. Your man will be able to spend some quality time with his closest people and go sightseeing at the same time. But it can also be thrown more of a wilder party on a yacht with all of his closest friends.

Things to take care of:

  • Make the yacht reservation ahead of time;
  • Pick the appropriate vibe of the celebration – dinner or party;
  • Invite your guests;
  • Food – decide on full on meals or snacks with drinks;
  • Music for the background or dancing.

Good time is guaranteed!

Gangster themed birthday party with friends

gangster themed party men

40th birthday is a time to definitely be remembered therefore it might call for a big party with all of your man’s friends. A good idea I came up with is to throw a gangster party. Hear me out.

Every man at some point has probably wondered what it would be like to be a gangster. On the surface they always seem so badass as well as elegant, which is the reason to want to be one. When I think of gangsters, something along the lines of Peaky Blinders comes to mind. So that could easily be a fun theme to follow – both for men and women. 

Gangsters are members of gangs which of course can vary. If your man would prefer the not so classy version of gangsters, that can also be fun. Make sure to create a moodboard to send to guests so everybody can be on the same page for the theme.

Things to take care of:

  • Pick a location for the party;
  • Take care of the theme of the party;
  • Invite guests and make sure they dress up accordingly;
  • Take care of appropriate entertainment for the night;
  • Foods and drinks.

A romantic getaway trip

romantic getaway party celebration

If you’re thinking of ways to surprise your man for a more romantic celebration with just the two of you, then a weekend getaway sounds like a good plan. 

The key in this mens 40th birthday celebration is to take into consideration his interests. It is an important birthday to celebrate therefore make sure it is all about him. The first thing to think about is the location. Maybe your guy would enjoy a peaceful SPA weekend in a fancy hotel with amazing breakfast and relaxing massages.

Another option could be for those men who enjoy the outdoors and nature. You could go for a fun road trip or even go glamping. It still has all of the camping elements except the whole stay is way more glamorous – nice accommodation, a shower and a bathroom and so on. Perfect for a 40th birthday celebration.

Things to take care of:

  • Plan the trip ahead of time;
  • Take care of accommodation;
  • Plan out getting there – where to stop by, what to see etc.;
  • Take care of activities – walk spots, SPA, dinners etc;
  • Make sure you both get dressed appropriately.

Hopefully these mens 40th birthday celebration ideas have come in handy for you!

Remember to organize the party ahead of time! And once the party is happening, take plenty of photos! Memories will be priceless once the celebration has passed!

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And if you’re now interested in checking out some gift ideas, make sure to check out those in the article 40th birthday gift ideas for men. Here you will find both practical and experience gifts all at one. 

Happy gift hunting! 

Funny 40th birthday gifts

Funny 40th birthday gifts for her

Funny gifts are for people with a great sense of humor. When giving such a gift, you need to know the recipient’s sense of humor and find a suitable gift. You have to think about it so that there are no misunderstandings and that the recipient of the gift is not offended. Especially if those are funny 40th birthday gifts for her.

In this article we have compiled a list of funny 40th birthday gifts for her that will leave a smile on your birthday girl’s face. 

Some of these gifts are smaller while others are more expensive and bigger in size. Therefore you can choose one gift or combine a few. Or pick an approach where you buy one main gift and one funny gift from this article.

A funny coffee mug


Starting the morning with the usual cup of coffee or tea is a very common ritual for most people, without which it is hard to imagine everyday life. The most popular is probably coffee, because it can give us energy in the morning and prepare us for the day ahead. But why stop there when you can start the day with a smile on your face because of how cool our coffee mug is?

It is important that we create a positive environment around us on a daily basis. For many, that means giving yourself literal reminders to smile. A funny coffee mug could also accomplish just that. Coffee mugs are the perfect funny 40th birthday gifts for her special day and all the ones ahead.

Personalized caricature

caricature gift

A caricature is a great greeting to surprise your loved ones during the holidays and birthdays. When you find a professional caricature artist, the result can be truly fantastic and memorable. A drawn caricature is a way to sweetly joke about your loved ones. However, it is worth mentioning that this gift has a good sense of humor at its heart.

A caricature is a good gift, because when you visit, you won’t have to worry that someone has already given something like that. In addition, the cartoon can be ordered and received within one or two days. Putting it in a frame or even printing it on a t-shirt – the surprise will be successful. And all you have to do is find a picture and an approximate gift idea.

A burrito blanket

burrito blanket funny

Have you ever wanted to become a burrito, tortilla, or other tortilla-based food? You can become the burrito you’ve always wanted to be by lying down within the blanket and rolling up. Or at least give your friend this chance by giving her a burrito blanket in the shape of an amazing tortilla wrap.

This gift is funny but also very usable. It is a practical gift with a funny twist. The inside of this blanket looks very comfortable and soft therefore it will definitely be a commonly used blanket in her household. And why not cover yourself with a tortilla blanket that brings a smile on your face, right?

Funny pair of socks

Funny 40th birthday gifts

Socks are currently a popular way to not only keep your feet warm and covered, but also to stand out and cheer each other up. In recent years, bright and colorful socks have come into fashion and are considered a great way to give your image a special edge. Socks can be not only bright, colorful and bright, but also funny.

Everyone’s sense of humor is different, so funny socks will mean something different to everyone. For some, funny socks might be associated with jokes and misunderstood characters, while for others, it might be ordinary everyday scenes that just look funny on socks. It can also be socks with gnomes, pizzas, superheroes and pets.

For more reasons why this is a great gift, read in the article Why socks are a fun gift.

Lottery tickets

Funny 40th birthday gifts

Giving someone lottery tickets is a gift of good luck. Sure, it is funny and unexpected – but that is the idea. Those who enjoy playing lottery games every now and then with the hope that they will get lucky someday will definitely like this gift. In addition, the idea of this gift does not mean giving a single lottery ticket – get creative with it. 

One gift idea is a lottery ticket book, where you can combine several tickets from different types – to be marked, to be scratched, etc. Or create a lottery game for several people at the same time – let everyone choose one lottery ticket and see who will be the most lucky! This is a fun and interesting gift that will make for a good time.

A custom badge for the party

custom party badge

Create a badge that your friend, who is 40 years old, will be proud to wear. Badge-making kits are available at your neighborhood craft shop for sure. Or, simply create a sign that can be fastened with a safety pin or be strung up around the wearer’s neck. And they have to wear it for their birthday party loud and proud.

Here are some ideas what to write on the badge:

  • 40 and fabulous.
  • I’m not 40. I’m only $39.95 plus tax.
  • I’m not 40, I’m 18, with 22 years of experience.
  • 40? No, 39, and holding on for dear life.

So here all of our funny 40th birthday gifts for her. Let us know if you have any other fun ideas wecan add to the list.

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Electric scooter

Electric scooter – a gift for spending time outdoors

Electric scooters are a super fun way to move around when it’s not too cold or rainy outside. I’m usually not so good about doing certain extreme activities, however electric scooters have really changed my perspective. Now that I’m thinking about it, electric scooters are a great gift for spending time outdoors and using them as a transportation tool.

In this article I will tell you more about all the reasons why an electric scooter is something you should try out for yourself.

Transportation from point A to B

The main reason electric scooters were invented was for the same purpose bicycles exist – for easy and fast transportation. Nowadays everything seems to become wireless and electric, so it only made sense to create electric scooters too. Now they are super popular, and you can find them for rent all over the city.

My first few encounters with scooters were in situations when I was late for university or some meetings. When the right bus was late or I missed one, an electric scooter was waiting for me just in time. Only then I realised how amazing it felt to just ride freely and get to the destination location so very quickly. 

Fun entertainment

Without transportation, electric scooters are also super fun to enjoy with no particular destination in mind. It’s an interesting way to spend time and circle around a place that has a very nice pathway. 

I have also thought that scooters could be a fun way to experience a new city. There are always these tourist buses and attractions, but electric scooters could be a fun new way to get to know a specific city. It’s fast to get around and you can easily see so many more places than you could by taking buses or walking.

Many scooters can be folded so you can easily carry them upstairs or, for example, place them in a car, train or a bus. That way you can take your scooter for a ride to the new city, but only use it in the actual destination location.

Effortless ride

The biggest con of the electric scooter is that you have to put absolutely no effort into making it go forward. It goes super fast with just the press of a button. You don’t have to move a single muscle. So for the days you don’t feel like going anywhere – you literally don’t have to go. Just ride freely with your fast scooter and get places in no time.

Of course, for people who love to get in a good workout like you do with riding a bike, scooters won’t do the same. Although it’s always a good idea to take an electric scooter to take you to the gym, for example.

Luxury gift for a special occasion

I found a cool article that’s called Luxury gift ideas which made me realise that an electric scooter can truly be a cool gift idea. Of course it is not a cheap one, so it would be perfect for someone who is celebrating a special occasion. Maybe it’s an anniversary or a round birthday. 

Either way it is an original gift idea. I bet not everybody realises just how much joy and convenience a scooter would bring to their life.

I suggest you try one out for yourself and see if you like it. Maybe do it with a friend who you plan on giving a scooter to. To see if they like it, and if so, what they do and don’t enjoy about it.

Happy riding!

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diy creating your own candle

DIY – create your own candle

Candlelight gives the room a pleasant atmosphere, the oils in it soothe and improve sleep. They can also be included in your interior as a decor or presented to your family and friends as a nice, homemade gift. It really isn’t that hard to create your own candle and in this article I will teach you how to do so.

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Let’s get to creating our own DIY candle!

Ingredients for your DIY candle

candle ingredients

Here’s everything you will be needing to make your own candle.

There are many different recipes since some people make candles from soy, others from beeswax, like I’ll be doing.


  • 450 g of beeswax;
  • 100 g of coconut oil;
  • Candle burner and candle burner metal legs;
  • Scotch tape;
  • Essential Oils;
  • Glass dishes for candles;
  • Dried petals (optional).

Flower petals is a nice touch if you want your candles to be super cute and romantic. You don’t have to add them if you don’t want to. Instead you can also add some glitter. That’s a good idea, too.

Step by step: how to make your candle

how to create your candle

Here’s a step by step instruction you need to follow in order to create your own beeswax candle.

Step number one: prepare the candle dishes. Pour out the candle burner through the candle burner foot and attach it to the middle of the base of the dish.

Step number two: melt 450 grams of beeswax along with 100 grams of coconut oil. Coconut oil will ensure that the candle burns evenly.

Step number three: add the oils. When the wax and oil have melted, add the essential oils, about 1-2 tablespoons of each essential oil and mix. Pour the wax into dishes, but make sure that the burner does not change its position. You can put a pencil on the dish, in the middle of which attach the tip of the burner with a scotch.

Step number four: decorate the candles with dried petals. When added at the beginning, the petals will sink a little during freezing, but if you do it later, the petals will remain on the surface. When the wax in the dishes is numb, turn the burners over and the candles are ready!

And there you have it – your own DIY candle! Your self made candle, that can be a great gift for yourself or your loved ones!

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socks are a fun gift

Why socks are a fun gift

When we were little, we were all pretty disappointed when we saw socks as a gift. However the older we get, the more we all start to appreciate such interesting and practical gifts as socks. Therefore I have made an article for you on why socks are a fun gift for your friends.

Now we all are very happy when we see that someone gave us socks. We know that it is a very practical and useful gift. Here are the rest of the reasons why socks make the best gift.

Socks make you appreciate the little things in life 

fun socks gift

There are so many things that we don’t appreciate, don’t recognize or see. Sometimes in all the everyday rush, we forget that we need to take care of our friends, check-in with them, and appreciated them. The best way to do it is to give them some kind of gift that would show how much we care about them.

Even though socks are a small gift, it is thoughtful and can be a very nice gesture to someone. Socks are there to make us warm and cosy, so this small item will make someone feel special and taken care of. It’s a heartfelt feeling that you know that someone cares about your well-being.

Possibly a DIY gift

socks gift

We all can agree that handmade gifts are the best. The fact that the person was thinking about you while making it and put their time and effort so that something would bring you joy and happiness. There are many gifts that you can make for someone. Some are harder to make and some are very easy. Socks are actually very easy to make, and the best part is that you can make them as you want.

Use the colours that you want, make your own design, and the size or length of the sock that you want. And the fact that you made the gift yourself and put in the effort, will make everything more special and it will also be more unique.

You can never have too many socks

never too many socks

There is one thing that we can be sure about, we can’t have too many socks. Since we use socks every day at work, home or while going out for adventures, there are different kinds of socks needed. For example, we could all use some cosy and warm socks for those cold winter nights.

And since we all wear socks so often, they tend to get worn out very fast or even rip apart. This is one of the reasons why socks are the best gift. You can save time for your friend and get them new socks because most probably they really need them. This will be a very practical gift and you can’t really do anything wrong with this gift. We all wear socks almost daily, so this gift will be 100% used and won’t just sit in the closet.  

Socks can be an eco-friendly gift

socs zee socks

Nowadays many people are thinking more about the environment and about nature, what we use on a daily basis and what is more eco-friendly and what is less. Since socks are handmade, they are pretty much eco-friendly. When they rip apart, you can either fix them or make something out of them.

Most importantly, they are handmade and you don’t need a huge factory that pollutes the environment just to make a single sock. You can also look for some eco-friendly sock business, that specialises in that, and you can help to save the environment.

Socks can bring out some laughter

zee socks gift

The best relationship that we have are with those people that we have inside jokes together and can have a laugh with within any life scenario. Socks are a great gift to them because nowadays they are so colourful, and they have so many interesting and funny designs.

you can try to find the funniest and most creative socks that you can find and make the person laugh. The best part of this is that it will brighten up their day, every single time they see these socks.

These are only some of the reasons why socks are a fun gift. I am sure that you could find many more, for example in the article 5 Reasons Socks Are the Best Gift. It’s a Zee socks brand that creates very fun socks, as seen in the photo above. Check them out for sure!

Let me know what you think!

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Vegan gift ideas

Vegan gift ideas

It’s always really hard to figure out what to give to your friend on their birthday. You always want to surprise them and so they would love the gift. Sometimes it’s harder if your friend has a special tase or habits that they prefer. It’s even harder if you don’t really know a lot about their habits, for example, veganism – then finding vegan gift ideas can be hard at first.

Most people who aren’t vegans think that they are just people who don’t eat meat. But in most cases, they also try to be eco-friendly and so on.

So I will help you out with this one. Here are some great and very special vegan gift ideas for your vegan friend, that they will absolutely love and enjoy.

Eco-friendly shop gift card

vegan gift ideas shops

Most of my vegan friends like to try very natural and organic products that they can use daily. Either they like to use reusable packaging, bags, or some other products that don’t make a lot of waste and garbage. So easy to say is that if the packaging is reusable or eco-friendly, they would be the first ones who would get their hands on it. There are many small and big businesses that usually work with this type of product and make reusable eco-friendly products.

It’s something like zero waste, but not the same. They make our regular products, just put them in packaging that can be used more than once. Either it’s a shampoo bottle that you can refill every single time that you run out of it or just a shopping bag.

A great gift Idea for your vegan friend would be either a gift card from this type of business or some product. You can get reusable bags that are so beautiful and specially made for any fashion style. Or a shampoo with a conditioner that comes in eco-friendly packaging. You can also get them some other decor for their apartment. Sure, they would be very happy to receive this type of gift that would also help the environment.

Vegan books for beginners or long-time vegans

vegan gift ideas books

If your friend just started the vegan journey, he or she probably has many questions about this, and they want to find out the maximum amount of information about all of this. What you eat, maybe some good recipes or some pieces of advice. And basically, information about vegans and some helpful tips. Of course, you can find that information on the internet, but it will take hours. The best place to find this is a book that is written by a specialist. Am I right?

Your choice of a book that you could give them depends on how long your friend is a vegan. If they are just starting their journey, you are very lucky because here you just can’t go wrong. You can give them a book about going vegan, what it’s like to start this journey, and so on. For someone who has been a vegan for quite some time, maybe the best choice would be a cookbook, that would give them interesting recipes. This would also be an amazing gift for someone who is just starting to be a vegan.

Reusable water bottle

reusable water bottle vegan gift

This gift idea is suitable for almost anyone. It’s so comfortable and practical, that literally, anyone would appreciate this gift. There are so many water bottles that are sold in supermarkets, and they make a lot of waste and pollution. Not all of them are reusable or are being recycled. There are many containers in schools and shops, to motivate people to recycle them, but not always people do that.

Since this is really a huge problem nowadays many businesses are starting to think of a solution. One of them is a reusable water bottle. Now they really are so beautiful and colourful, you can find the best one that your friend would love the most. A vegan, who is thinking about nature and animals, will really appreciate something like this. They would be happy that they won’t have to use these shop water bottles, they will just have to wash and refill the same bottle multiple times. Pluss is very practical.

DIY candle 

Did you know that the best gifts and the most appreciated gifts are those that are made by yourself? If you put extra time and effort into making a gift for your friend, it would make it so much better and so special. You can make literally anything if you are dedicated enough, it doesn’t have to be big, it just must come from a heart.

After a long day, the best and most relaxing thing for some people is lighting up a candle while you are reading a book or doing some other house tours. So here are some ideas of how to create your own candle. You can put those aromas that your friend loves the most, and it will make it so special. You can add some flowers or any other decorations. Anything that your heart wants. You can make it very personal so that your friend would appreciate it even more.

Healthy tea

herb tea vegan

Not all of us are coffee lovers, some of us prefer tea. And tea actually is so much healthier than coffee. Nothing can be better than a nice cup of a fresh and tasty hot cup of tea. This is a great way to start a day or before bed, to sleep better. Or just to take a couple of minutes off a busy workday, just relax and drink your nice cup of tea. It sounds just amazing.

An amazing gift for your friend who enjoys these types of moments and of course loves tea, would be a tasty tea. It also can be a tea that you can buy in a supermarket, in beautiful packaging. It can also be a tea mixture which you can buy in a small local market. Or even you can gather the flowers and herbs yourself and make a tasty and healthy tea yourself. But before doing that yourself, better do your research and find out which herbs are the best for teas.

Vegan SPA products

vegan spa products

Also, a great idea for a gift to spoil your friends would be a relaxing SPA product for a bath. An incredible way to relax after a long day or week is to take a hot bath and just have time to yourself. Maybe take a glass of wine or tea, grab a favourite book and just sit there and forget every little stress you have in your life. Literally, everyone would love to do that.

If your friend owns a bath, then you can spoil them a little. There are many small businesses like Farmaesthetics or Stenedrs, that use eco-friendly products and vegan products for their bath and body products. You can get them bath balls, some great and healthy salts, bath foam, some scrubs and so much more. They can have their own small spa treatment at home.

A bike

vegan gifts

It’s very healthy and important to stay physically active and in really good shape. We all must take care of ourselves and of course our friends. Some go to the gym, some work out at home, or just go for a morning run. Also, a really great idea is to ride a bike either you ride it to work, or just on the weekend to go someplace not far. It’s very practical and it’s faster than walking.

A great gift for a vegan friend would be a bike. He or she would be able to take care of health by staying active and even help the environment by not using a car. They would have a great way to ger to work or go out on weekends on bike rides. They would do some exercise and be in the fresh air. Your friend will be happy and grateful for this gift. And even you all would be able to go on a great friend’s trip with bikes if you all have them.

Usually, to stay vegan and strictly follow all the rules and guidelines, is really hard and you have to be really dedicated to doing that. So, I am very happy that you have such a strong and dedicated friend by your side. Hope this article was very helpful for you and you found many interesting and useful gift ideas.

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cool mugs

Cool mugs to use everyday

There is joy in the little everyday things all around us. Mugs are the example I want to talk about today. If you are a huge coffee or tea lover, as am I, then you know that having a really cool mug is very special. You use it every day of your life, in fact multiple times per day. So cool mugs are more than just for your drinks – they’re made for your mood and beautiful home, too.

When it comes to choosing cool mugs for my everyday life, I pay attentio to what kind of mug I bring into my home. I want them to be fun and make my day better right from the start – my morning cup of hot coffee.

So if you’re looking for fun and cool mugs to add to your collection, in this article I found some cool options from Amazon. Check them out!

Octopus coffee mug with a coaster

octopus coffee mug

Why not start off strong – with this super fun octopus mug? It’s very cool, and if you’re looking for some cool mugs, then this is your best find for sure. It’s fun to remember about forgotten animas and cretures of the world and especially the deep blue ocean.

This will be an especially good mug to give somebody as a gift for birthdays or other celebrations. It is such a unique mug that I am certain your friends and loved ones do not already own a mug like this one. However maybe somebody is a huge fan of octopuses, then this gift makes even more sense. I love it!

Coffee mugs for true Star Wars fans

star wars mugs

These amazingly cool mugs representing Star Wars are made from ceramic. The designer that sells them has many more designs to choose from. If you love Star Wars or maybe even some other legendary movies and series, such as Marvel, you might find something truly unique in this bunch.

These Star Wars mugs are not only fun to have but they also look sleek and elegant. They will surely look great in your home also when not being used. I would almost love to get a few just to put out as a decor or maybe even a pot for my plants!

Cool cat ceramic mug

If you’re looking for a more simple mug but one that also has some sort of a twist, then I found this one for you. It’s a cute cat coffee or tea mug when you first look at it. However when you start drinking your drink, you will at one moment spot a little kitten figurine at the bottom of your mug.

This cat mug is very cute and will brighten up the day of any cat lover out there, who will get to have a drink from this wonderful mug. It will be super fun to hand your guests a arm drink and not tell them right away that there is a surprise awaiting them at the bottom of the mug.

Ceramic donut mug

Donuts are one of my favorite types of baked goods therefore no wonder I gravitated towards this amazing mug. It is made into a shape of a donut. The one you’re seeing in the photo – that is the back of the mug since I decided to leave the front as a surprise so you can check it out yourself. It has sprinkles on it!

This donut mug is an amazing gift to give somebody who loves donuts, of course. I can only imagine seeing somebody drinking their coffee from a donut mug while also munching on a tasty donut. What a fun life! You can pick the donut mug with either strawberry or chocolate glaze.

Starlight coffee mug in green

starlight coffee mug

While looking for cool mugs, I came acoss this green starlight mug. It comes in a truly unique shape which is what I liked the most. It would be the perfect gift for somebody who loves stargazing. This mug comes in a gift bag therefore it is already calling to be a perfect gift for somebody special to you.

I notice it also has a cover on it. It will be amazing to make your drink, tea or coffee, last hot even longer. Besides it’s espcially great if you love making your tea from natural herbs. Then the lid will make sure your tea is truly soaking up all the flavor and aroma from the herbs.

Coffee mug set with insulated lid

coffee mugs cool set

And finally I chose some less crazy mugs for those who love simple yet aesthetic and beautiful pieces for their everydya life. This coffee mug set is an amazing gift for a couple or your parents. For somebody who love drinking their hot cup of coffee or tea always together.

What’s special about these mugs is not only their looks but also their efficiency. Each of these mugs have an amazing lid that lets your drink stay hot for a long time. That means no more hurrying up to finoiish your coffee while it is still hot. These cool mugs are also made with a cork bottom, therefore no more burning your hands while holding your mug.

I hope you liked these cool mugs I found! Let me know if you find something I should add to the list!

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Why wearing colourful socks is a trend you should follow?

So recently I got together with my friends from ZEESOCKS.COM to get first hand information about the current trends in the world of wearing and shopping for colourful socks. 

I’ve always liked wearing fun socks because I consider it to be an actual part of the outfit and style. So I was curious to ask a few questions. So here is what the sock experts at ZEESOCKS.COM think!

So what’s trending in funny and colourful socks world? 

We are seeing a steadily growing customer interest for various kind of funny, geeky, individual and colourful socks. Now currently the biggest trends are still fruits, sweets, food and we are seeing a big growth of interest for animal themed socks too!

Actually, one of our most popular product is a bundle that we call “I can’t decide socks set”, that has a little bit of different patterns, so customer can always choose something to wear and match a piece of clothing he or she already has.

zee socks

How is e-commerce trend changing in relation to stores selling colourful socks? 

Actually, it has changed quite a bit lately. People are starting to look for a cool shopping experience and great loyalty progams rather than just cool pair of socks. And we truly want to give it all in a single package.

We are a store that is more youth oriented, so we deliver them extremely fun and engaging experience that includes sci-fi lore, cartoons, space blogs and even a retro styled game!

Besides that, we have a loyalty programme where each customer can complete tasks (such as playing game, shopping, sharing about us in social networks, reviewing products etc.) to unlock achievements to rank up and get higher discount levels. All that can be easily accessed within customer’s account dashboard.

We call this a gamified shopping experience and we are really proud of what we pulled off here.

So your shop is only a good fit for youth audience that you target?

Not only. One of our most popular products is actually our ZEESOCKS gift card. Mostly buyers of those gift cards for colourful socks  are parents, friends, brothers or sisters of people who are our target audience.

Basically, that is a perfect gift for someone that is a young person, enjoying funny socks, games and fun sci-fi experience and as far as we understand – that defines the perfect gift.

zee socks

What does it take to make a colourful socks store that is so tuned for a specific audience? 

First of all, you need to precisely define, who is going to be your target customer, what that customer likes and does in his free time. Secondly, you need to put together a story to build the right shopping experience. To make a story wholesome, it may not be enough with a finely crafted “About us” section on your site. It has to reach every corner of the store – overall design, artwork, product descriptions, blogs, newsletters etc.

For example, why not trying to form a interest club that your customer join, interact, share experiences ? There is also a few good tips on about this. And if you enjoyed web design, check out this collection of retro inspired designs on too!

Yes, for some others that might look unappealing, cringe and even boring. However there will always be those, who will really appreciate what you deliver. And if that group is big enough niche to target, then you might be set for success!

Thank you to ZEESOCKS.COM for this interview.

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gifts for mom

Best gift ideas for mom

I love my mom dearly and when her birthday or the holiday season comes around, I want to make sure I findbest gift ideas for mom. If it only were so easy. 

She’s quite picky so I almost always struggle to find the best gift ideas. It took me a while to realise, but the best gifts are those that come from the heart. Birthday or Christmas gifts don’t necessarily have to be huge and expensive. Sometimes the best gifts are the cute, useful and cozy every-day things.

In this article I’ve compiled a few gift ideas that my mom loved! Maybe you will get some inspiration on the next gift to get your mom, too!

Christmas and birthday gifts for mom

mom at christmas

Mothers are one of the most important people in our lives. They’ve raised us with love and have always given us the best they could have. Now that we’ve grown up, it’s our turn to treat them with love and kindness.

When it comes to gifts, I’ve noticed that the best gifts for my mom almost always are something practical. Something she can use in her daily life around the house, at work or on some outdoors adventures.

You need to think about something that will bring her joy. Maybe it’s a family trip so you can all spend quality time together. Maybe it’s a home baked pie, because mom will definitely appreciate your effort into making a gift rather than buying it. 

Fun and practical gift ideas for mom

Here I’ve put together all the fun gifts I’ve given my mom over the last few years. I hope you’ll find these gift ideas useful!

A cool new recipe book

recipe book

If your mom likes to cook, one of the good gift ideas for mom is to expand her knowledge and skills. A cool recipe book is a great gift idea – especially if she likes experimenting in the kitchen with different ingredients and spices. 

Make this gift even more fun and challenging by choosing a variety of recipes from a different culture. For example, if your mom loves Japanese or Chinese cuisine, try surprising her with something totally different. Get her a recipe book with Italian or Mexican cuisine. She will love trying out new foods!

Matching sweaters or pajamas

pajamas gift for mom

In my experience the best gifts are the comfortable ones. It’s usually pretty hard to buy clothing for somebody else, because you don’t really know their style preferences. Nowadays there is so much to choose from that it’s hard to make that decision for someone else even if you think you know them super well.

Therefore I go for clothing that can easily be oversized, like big sweaters and pajamas. The goal of this gift is to get matching sets, so that’s a both practical and heart warming gift.

Useful kitchen gadgets

blender gift for mom

If your mom likes to cook a lot, then she could probably use some new kitchen gadgets. Since they are evolving with every day, there has to be something that your mom still doesn’t have but would love to own!

Maybe it’s a new blender, measuring spoons, a cool bottle opener, new toaster, ice cream maker or anything else. Whatever your mom would love and use regularly!

Custom family portrait

family portrait

Moms is the one person you can always get a cute gift to. Sometimes the best gift for mom is all the family being together and having a good time. The next best thing to that is a custom made family portrait!

You can find an artist that does drawings, painting or even digital art. It will be a sweet and definitely original gift!

Scented candles

scented candle for your mom

One thing that can make a room feel cozy in no time are scented candles. They’re the ultimate gift, especially for Christmas.

That’s the season with all the cozy scents – vanilla, gingerbread cookies, cinnamon, tangerine and many other scents. It can also be a great gift to put with something bigger – make a whole gift box of cute and useful appliances.

A reusable water bottle

reusable water bottle

Another great gift idea for your mother is a reusable water bottle, especially if she doesn’t have one yet. Getting your own water bottle is not only trendy but very useful these days. It makes you a considerate person who chooses to use a recycled product instead of buying water in plastic bottles.

From a gift perspective, this one really shows how much you care about your mom. Not everybody is good with drinking enough water daily. If your mom is one of those people who struggle to drink enough water, a reusable bottle will surely help. It will serve as a reminder. Especially if you get her a bottle that has motivational markers, so your mom can see how much water she has consumed and how much is still left!

You can add some tips on how to drink more water to make this gift even more special. Get some ideas from our other article called Tips to remind myself to drink water.

A SPA day

spa day

This is one of those gift ideas for mom that will be greatly appreciated. It is always so pleasant to receive a gift that will let you relax from your daily errands and just be in the moment. A SPA day could be an amazing gift idea. All you have to do is find your mom’s favorite SPA place and get her a gift card. Maybe even make a date out of it – let her go together with dad.

If your mom is often busy and scheduling a SPA day just doesn’t feel possible, then who said you can’t make your own SPA day? Get her some bath bombs, lotions and other beauty products. Wrap it all up nicely and gift it all to your mom with one condition – she has to enjoy it all as soon as possible.

Happy gift hunting!

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educational wall decals

Educational wall decals

Educational wall decals are a type of vinyl sticker decorations that can be attached to a wall. If applied thoughtfully, they can really make your living space pop! They are also easy to maintain, remove and reuse, so you don’t have to worry about damaged walls.

There are different types of wall decals you can choose from. Some are purely decorative, some might contain a quote you like, and others can be used for educational purposes.

In this article I am taking a look at educational wall decors. These are perfect for very young children who are starting to learn more about the world. You know how it is with practicing – you have keep doing something consistently to become really good at it. It is the same with seeing the same piece of information every day – it will help to cement this information into your memory. And children will quite easily learn from images that are visually attractive to them.

Types of educational wall decals

educational wall decals offers a range of different educational wall decals for you to choose from. With affordable prices, they can teach your child numbers, letters, animal world map and more. These images are designed to help learning through association. Each number, letter or place on the map is represented by a cute illustration.

Learn numbers

Help your child learn numbers through cute illustrations. These come as a collection from numbers 1 to 9. Children can learn which number comes after the other and have a fun way of keeping track of their birthdays!

Learn letters

Teach your child the English alphabet with these wall decals. Each letter is represented by a cute animal that’s name starts with the letter it represents. This way, children can easily learn to associate a letter with its sound.

Learn world map

If you would like your child to learn more about the different parts of the world, you can start with this cute animal world map. The children can learn the names of different animals around the world. See what types of animals live in your area, and how different the animals are in other places. Eventually, your child will memorize not only the animals but will also get an idea of the world map itself.

Therefore you can make the perfect choice for your child by taking into consideration their age and personal interests.

To learn more, take a look at Educational wall decals from Stickerinos to choose the perfect wall decoration for your kids!

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birthday gift ideas

Creative bday gift ideas

Birthdays are one of my favorite days to celebrate. It’s a day that revolves only about the birthday’s owner. It’s the responsibility of the rest of the people – friends, family and loved ones – to make that person feel truly special. One way to do so is by having cool gift ideas.

When it comes to looking for appropriate birthday gifts, it can be challenging. To help you with that, I’ve compiled this list of fun and creative birthday gifts.

I’m sure you will find appropriate gifts for both men and women in this list. There’s somegood gift ideas for everybody – for you mom and dad, wife or husband, aunt or uncle etc.

Happy gift hunting!

Personalised necklace


There’s rarely too much jewellery so that’s exactly why they’re good gift ideas. Any girl (or guy) would love to receive a beautiful jewellery piece. Especially if it’s been personalised. Necklaces will never go out of style, because there are so many variations to them. And it’s nice to have options.

What makes this gift even more special, is the personalisation. Whether that’s choosing the style or color of the necklace, or going as far as engraving it with a personalised message or initials – it’s an amazing gift idea.

Ride with a hot air balloon

hot air balloon ride

Now here’s a gift idea that’s appropriate for big celebrations, because it is rather expensive. It can be a good gift for a special birthday when you turn a significant age – 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50 etc. A ride with a hot air balloon is an experience of the lifetime that everyone should definitely try at least once.

It’s a beautiful opportunity to fly high in the sky and completely enjoy the moment. No matter where you live, the view will be something extraordinary. Some try flying with a hot air balloon to get over their fear of heights. It’s a somewhat peaceful way to enjoy a flight because the rising is so gradual you barely notice it.

Everyday planner


If you’re looking for a present for someone who’s birthday is at the end of the year or at the very beginning of it, a good gift could be an everyday planner. It’s a useful gift that is appropriate for anyone, since you don’t necessarily have to be a busy person to own a good planner. 

Check out my article Plan your day and be happy to learn more on ways, how a good planner can improve your daily life.

Film camera

film camera

The more digitised our every-day life is, the more it seems we all want to go back in time. Is it just me? Maybe. But I would love nothing more than to get a cool film camera to take a few pictures on! 

Film cameras just seem to give a different vibe to the photos – a little bit grainy, warm toned with daylight, cool toned with flashlight, vintage-looking ect. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who likes taking photographs, this could be a very cool gift idea.

Relaxing SPA day

spa day

SPA centres are the best place where you can get absolute rest for your mind and body. When it comes to choosing a gift – it can be anything from a relaxing massage to facial, from getting a new manicure to a fresh haircut etc. There are so many procedures that leave you feeling good and relaxed.

This is another gift that will make your birthday boy or girl feel really loved and taken care of. It’s so lovely to receive a gift that’s whole purpose is to make you feel calm and relaxed. This is a perfect gift idea for your mom, wife or girlfriend, your closest friends etc.

Sustainable water bottle

water bottle

Daily humans are supposed to drink around 2 litres of water. For some it’s easier, for some harder. One thing that can definitely help, is always having extra water in your sustainable water bottle. My personal favorite is 24Bottles brand – their bottles are lightweight, stylish and high quality. More on this brand check out my article 24Bottles are my favorite.

It is nice to receive a gift that will not only improve your every-day life, but also your health and well being. Therefore a good quality and sustainable water bottle can really be a nice gift to get someone you care about.

Yoga mat

yoga mat

If you’re looking for a present for someone who likes exercising or would only now like to start, a good quality yoga mat is a must. It helps out a lot and makes working out so much more enjoyable. Besides, if the person you’re getting this gift for has talked about getting healthier for a while now, this will serve as great motivation.

I know that I just couldn’t bring myself to exercising for a very long time. The second I got a yoga mat, now it’s always there and I simply do not have an excuse not to do exercise.

Bath bomb set

bath bomb set

If you’re planning to get a gift for a busy person, who rarely has free time, then it’s a good idea to get something for their home. If they’re living a busy life, they could probably use some time off and relaxation. And since they don’t (probably) have enough time for a SPA day, then you can bring SPA to their home. 

A good start is getting a scented bath bomb set. Nothing a warm and relaxing bubble bath can’t fix! It also makes a good gift because there are so many fun bath bombs to try out – and they all are very pretty. Perfect for a gift! 

Ride with a dirt bike

dirt bike

Now there’s an active gift idea that some of your friends or even family members might enjoy! Riding with a dirt bike is somewhat of an extreme adventure that will give you a chance to fully let go and get loose. 

Best way to get this gift is with a gift card, unless you’re planning to go along with the birthday person. It will definitely be a fun time to remember! And you must not worry, because there are always professional instructors that will prepare you for the ride in well made tracks.

Handmade soap

handmade soap

Hand made gift ideas are always more appreciated because you’ve put your time, effort and creativity into making it. One cool idea is to make your own soap – or candle, bath salt or a good scrub. All of these things are fairly easy to make at home and you only need a few ingredients. There are a lot of soap making recipes on the internet.

You can later even personalise this gift with your own chosen colors, scents and decorations. Include a cool message for the birthday girl or boy. Maybe even try out your skills at writing their name on the soap or something creative like that! It will definitely be the coolest soap in their home!

Homemade candle DIY

diy candle gift

Candles are amazing – they fill up the room with light and create such a lovely atmosphere. Especially in the winter when it gets dark so fast in the day. There’s nothing better than watching a fall movie in the candlelit room. What a vibe!

To make a gift more special, it’s always good to create it yourself. For a fun experiment and a good gift idea, create your own candle. I’ve made an article DIY – create your own candle, on steps and ingredients you need to make your own beautiful candle. Hope you try it out!

A fun photoshoot

fun photoshoot

Another fun gift idea could be a photoshoot in a fun location. If your friend or family member feels good infront of the camera, then maybe they would love the chance to get some new photos. Just make sure you find a perfect location that they will love!

Maybe it’s a photoshoot by the beach, in a field of sunflowers or whatever else is in the season at the moment. Make sure you find cool outfits and have a few ideas to let the gift receiver to choose. It will be such a good time well spent together!

Hope you found what you were looking for and these gift ideas were useful! 

anniversary gift ideas

Cute 2nd anniversary gift ideas

Anniversaries are one of the most special events in the whole relationship. It’s the day when you can show your partner how much you truly care about them. That doesn’t mean you have to find crazy anniversary gift ideas. Although it doesn’t make the choice easier.

It’s often enough to show love and appreciation of special days such as anniversaries. Although quite often gifts can be a sign of love. No wonder gift giving and receiving is one of the love languages.

To make this decision a bit easier, here are some cute and meaningful anniversary gift ideas that you could use. Hope you find at least one that your partner will love!

Personalised jewellery


One gift that works for almost any and every occasion is jewellery. It’s especially great if you’re looking for a gift for a woman. Men can be tricky since not all of them love accessorising. Women, in most cases, truly do.

Either way you’ve probably noticed if they like wearing rings, earrings, necklaces etc. To make this gift more romantic and sweet, add some personalised details. It can be totally unnoticeable and something that means a lot to you both. Or it can be noticeable like your loved ones initials written on the necklace or something like that. 

Picture album of shared moments

picture album

Another cute gift idea for your 2nd anniversary is an album of all the meaningful pictures you two have together. This gift will definitely make them smile and help especially when they’re having a bad day.

You can simply buy an album and fill it up with cute memories. Or to make this gift even more special, make the album yourself. Glue pictures, write something cute or funny to each and every one. It will be an unforgettable gift.

Customizable wall art

wall art

If your loved one is into the interior and loves getting their space together, then a cool gift idea can be something related to that. For example, get them a super cool wall art. To make it align with the anniversary, create some meaning.

It could be the person’s favorite saying or quote. Or maybe it can be a picture of both of you, but made in a stylish way. You can always just hang a picture of you too by the wall but art should be something more. It should remind them of you and both of your time spent together.

Jar filled with meaningful paper notes

paper notes

A cute gift idea could be a jar of cute memories for your loved one to pick out from whenever needed. It’s a sentimental gift idea that costs almost nothing but pure love and a tiny bit of effort.

All you really need is a pretty glass jar – preferably one that can be closed and reopened. You will also need a bunch of paper notes and a pen. Get small paper notes and write something sweet or funny in every one of them. Then fold them so the receiver doesn’t see right way what’s written there.

Anniversary journal

anniversary card

Another anniversary gift idea is getting your partner an anniversary journal. It’s such a cute idea and a very thoughtful gift. Anniversary journals can be different, besides you can even make them yourself. I think it’s best to go with one that looks like a journal.

Every page is a place for a new anniversary. Since it’s only your 2nd anniversary, there will only be one picture of the first anniversary. If you, the one reading this article, have had more anniversaries, then this gift idea is still perfect. Just print out pictures from all of those anniversaries or write down how it went.

Someday you will both have a book filled with special moments together.

A sustainable water bottle

water bottle

Anniversary can also be a time to gift your loved one a practical item for everyday use. For example, a sustainable water bottle. Plastic water bottles are so out of style, besides they are super bad for the environment. So why still use them?

Find some cool options in the store 9 mugs.

A good water bottle will remind your partner to sip water throughout the day and do so regularly. It will remind them of you. Not everybody can remember to drink enough water during the day. If your partner struggles with that, this is the perfect gift for them.

More on this topic you can read in my other article called Tips to remind myself to drink water.

Time well spent together

picnic basket

The best gift to give AND receive is quality time together. On anniversaries you most likely will be together either way. So make sure you get the best of it and you spend the day truly magically. 

Surprise your partner with a cute date, have a picnic together or go to a fancy restaurant. It really depends on your interests, wants and the appropriate weather. A picnic by the beach or in some gorgeous meadow sounds like a dream date for the 2nd anniversary!

A surprise gift hunt

treasure hunt

If you already have a gift idea or don’t feel like getting much, there is another idea. It can be a surprise treasure slash gift hunt. Many times the couple will agree on not getting gifts but you still want to make that day special. This is how.

Create a map of hidden treasures. That way your loved one has to go on an adventure and find something special at the end. It can be hidden notes with riddles written on them. That way one note will lead to another, and then you can both go to a special place. The key of this gift is perfect planning.

If none of these gifts seem appealing, try to find more anniversary gift ideas by the person’s birth date. It’s a unique way to make sure the receiver will love the gift. More on that in the article Find gift by persons birth date.

Hope you found a good idea!

gifts for grandpa

Gift ideas for grandpa

As in this blog I’m trying to come up with ways to help you find great gifts, this is exactly what I’m going to do in this article too. Today’s main person to show love to and surprise – grandpa.

Grandpas are the best. They are sweet and caring when they have to be, they will always help you and be there for you. And at times they can also be super chill and mind their own business – it’s a win/win! But in all seriousness grandfathers are one of the most special family members, that’s why it’s important to get them gifts that would be useful and that they would also love.

In this article read more on some birthday or even Christmas gift ideas for grandpa.

Cozy home slippers

If your grandpa loves spending time at home and is all about the comfort, then a new pair of cozy slippers could be a well appreaciated gift idea. It would be something that symbolises warmth and comfort, and also be useful in his everyday life. Good pair of slippers is a must for everyone.

Make sure you get a comfortable pair of high quality. You want these slippers to be truly special – grandpa himself probably wouldn’t invest in good slippers. So treat him with a nice surprise and gift him his new absolute favorite slippers in the world!

New tools for home or garden

I don’t know about you, but my grandpa is known for always being the one that fixes everything around the house. You can’t even start thinking of mentioning having a professional over to fix something. He will get offended at the slightest. His home is his pride and joy, and he takes care of it.

To do so properly, we started gifting him good quality tools. The best tools are timeless, that’s true, but they do tend to get ”worn out”. So it is always nice to have fresh ones. Think of anything he’d need on a daily basis – tools to cut bushes, fix the dripping sink etc.

gifts for grandpa

Screen magnifier

As you get older, so does your vision. Often times grandpas are the ones who do not like admitting that so they keep on struggling during everyday tasks instead of asking for help. Don’t make him ask – just help!

A cool gift idea I came across on the web is a screen magnifier. It can be used for computer or his cell phone. That way grandpa can still browse the web and stay informed. But do it in a much needed comfort.

Sweet picture frame

If your grandpa is more on the soft side, then a sweet gift will be the ones that warms his heart the most. A good idea is gifting him a picture frame of the whole family, of you two or maybe with just him and grandma. It will be such a sweet gift for him that he can always treasure.

To make this gift even more special, make the picture frame yourself. There are many tutorials on the web on how to make a wooden frame, and it isn’t even that hard. He will be able to check out your handy-ness and appreciate it!

grandpa and grandma

Leather bookmark

If your grandpa is a reader then it’s about time you get him a real bookmark! Don’t get me wrong – he might already have one, but he certainly doesn’t have a good quality one. Besides, there are often times when people don’t really invest in bookmarks, they just find something that will do the job – even if it’s an old piece of paper.

I’ve seen a bunch of cool leather bookmarks that are made for the corner of the book pages. And you can personalise it too. If grandpa spends much of his time reading books, then getting him a real bookmark of high quality will be a thoughtful gift.

BBQ set for a real chef

Another specialty of grandpa’s – BBQ! In my family grandpa is always by the grill at garden parties, making sure everyone is fed with yummy food. Grilling some meat, veggies etc! To do so properly, get him a nice set of BBQ tools. If he’s been doing just fine with his old tools, convince him on why the new ones are better.

Don’t just gift them and make him use them. Help him understand why the ones you got are better. Make it a team effort to organise the next BBQ family garden party!

Folding camping chair

And yet again – comfort is the key. I’m sure your grandpa loves being outdoors. Maybe he likes fishing, maybe he’s into camping, building a fire, cooking outdoors, hunting etc. Great gift for him would be a folding camping chair. It is a great way to be comfortable even when there is no place to sit.

It is a super handy thing to have in your truck because you never know when you just want to sit down and watch a sunset. Now he can do so anytime anywhere! How great is that?

Hope you’ve found some good gift ideas!

For more options, chekc out my other articles on gifts – Find gift by persons birth date and Creative bday gift ideas.

Happy gift hunting! 🙂

Find gift by persons birth date

Find gift by persons birth date

Some people choose to believe in magic and some don’t. There is also a different consideration of what magic means of course. For me, magic is anything I can not find an explanation to. And one of those things are horoscopes and star signs. Which can come in handy on many occasions in life.

It’s always fun to read your monthly or even daily horoscope and see what they predict about your future. Similar mindset can be used while choosing a gift for your loved ones. As I’ve recently discovered, you can also choose a gift based on the person’s birth date. 

In this article I will tell you more about how the person’s birth date can help you choose the best present for their birthday.

How to choose a gift based on birth date

Find gift by persons birth date

I found this cool website Tip4Me that is built on the whole purpose of helping you find cool gifts based on your birthday. To show you how it works, I’ll try looking for a gift for myself – that way I will be able to tell if it’s really working and the advice for gifts is good.

Write in the date of birth + gender

The first thing to do is to write your gender and date of birth. I was born on october 10th, therefore I am a Libra. 

Choose the preferred category

So what happens after you type in the previous data, you get referred to a bunch of categories so you can cross out the wrong ones already. That way you immediately choose which category you gravitate towards the most and don’t end up wasting your time going through millions of gift ideas. Here it’s pretty simple and right to the point.

So in my case the first categories I see are The Joy of Being Beautiful and Give Some Inspiration. These are the two I will check out for more ideas.

Look for the perfect gift

Once you pick the right category, it’s time to look for some gift ideas. I’ll give you a little rundown of what kind of gift ideas I found in my chosen 2 categories that I would love to receive.

In category number 1 aka The Joy of Being Beautiful I found these gift ideas:

  • ORGANIC Bath Bombs Set;
  • Massage oil gift set;
  • Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser;
  • Visit to hairstylist;
  • Sound soother;
  • Chanel Fragrance;
  • Natural hairbrush;
  • Oil Painting silk scarf;
  • Handmade Scented Tealight Candles;
  • Wool blanket;
  • Makeup brush set.

As you can see, I’ve found quite a lot of gifts that would make me feel pretty and make me happy.

Let’s see what we can find in the second category.

In category number 2 aka Give Some Inspiration I found these gift ideas:

  • Crystal Ball;
  • Motivating Poster;
  • Spotify for a year;
  • Artistic LED lamp;
  • Natural Gemstone bracelets;
  • Indoor water fountain;
  • Vintage Vinyl player;
  • Grown Up coloring book;
  • World map pin board;
  • Designer sunglasses;
  • Bath caddy.

So here are my gift ideas complete.

I really do recommend checking out the page since it’s such a fun way to look for gifts.

For more gift ideas check out my article 21st birthday gift ideas.

21st bday

21st birthday gift ideas

The 21st birthday is an important milestone for many young adults. It’s the time to take charge of their independence. And it’s common for young people to want to take on the world and indulge in their new freedoms. 

For this, here are some cool 21st birthday gift ideas!


21st birthday gift ideas

Airpods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Even though they were originally created for iPhone and iPad, you can use them with almost any computer and smartphone.

Those who still use wired headphones will greatly appreciate this update of technology. It‘s often seen as a status symbol for young adults. And no more tangled wires! 

Bluetooth Speaker

21st birthday gift ideas

A Bluetooth speaker will be a great gift for a music lover. As most wireless technologies, they are compatible with any smartphone, tablet or computer that supports a wireless Bluetooth connection. 

These types of speakers will offer a much better sound quality than you would get from your phone or laptop. Besides that, they are compact and can easily travel with you anywhere. 

Drinking Game

21st birthday gift ideas

21 is the final legal drinking age everywhere in the world. And surely many young adults would like to welcome this new life with a good party! So, this would be the perfect gift for someone who likes to bring more fun to the table.

Besides, there are so many fun drinking games out there. You just have to pick the one that will suit the birthday girl or boy the best. To make it even more fun, maybe try making a drinking game yourself.

Snack Box

21st birthday gift ideas

A snack box is essentially a box that contains all kinds of snack foods. There are various companies out there that will compile and deliver snack boxes according to your likes, and even food allergies. You will also find options for the more health conscious young people.

If you know the recipients taste well, you might want to compile the snack box by yourself, filling it with all of their favorites. What a delicious way to start your 21’s!  



If they are someone who enjoys a good adventure, you can offer them a gift of an unforgettable and fun day outdoors. It can also be a good opportunity to enjoy new and exciting experiences together, and make great memories.

For some cool daredevil activities you might want to consider bungee jumping, skydiving, cliff climbing or paragliding. For more relaxing adventures – think of a ride in a hot air balloon, scuba diving, boat riding or even hiking. If you are still unsure about the right adventure, a more safe bet would be a fun day at an adventure park.



A powerbank is a portable battery charger. No one wants a dead phone so a charger like this can be a real lifesaver. As a versatile tool, a Powerbank can be used for various USB charged portable devices.

This is a perfect gift idea for somebody who already seems to have everything they need. Or if it’s super hard to shop for them. Then something useful like a battery bank will be the best choice. Can’t go wrong with it!

Travel Essentials

21st birthday gift ideas

At 21 years of age, the world is full of opportunities. If they are excited to travel and explore the world, it would be a great idea to provide them with some of the essential tools. 

Think stuff like backpacks, sleeping bags, multi-tool knives, camping cookers and tents.


Backpacks are awesome for independent travel. They can offer large storage and are more flexible than a trolley.

Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is a must-have item for travelers. If you know of a certain trip already in planning, check for good temperature ranges.

Multi-tool knife

A good camping knife will have multiple uses, whether it’s for preparing food, opening bottles, cutting wood or offering the feeling of self-protection. And, you can conveniently keep it in your pocket.

Camping cooker

This will be a more convenient tool than open fire for providing a hot meal or drinkable water.


A tent will provide cozier nights outdoors and a protection from harsh weather.

These items will be useful not only for camping but for any backpacking trip around the world.

Scratch-Off World Map

21st birthday gift ideas

There’s so much to do, so much to discover. This type of poster is covered with foil, and can be scratched away just like a lottery ticket, uncovering a place on the map. 

If you know someone who is eager to explore the world, this map would be perfect as a cool and visual way to track all the places they’ve visited. 

Online Courses

21st birthday gift ideas

Do you know of something that they have always wanted to learn but still haven’t? Then why not give them a good start by gifting them an online course! It could be for learning a language, dancing or for taking the first steps towards a Rockstar career by taking a guitar class. 

However, make sure to consider the gift recipient’s time and pick a course that can be done without deadlines, at one’ s own pace.


21st birthday gift ideas

As a young adult, they probably know best how to use their money. Especially if they are at the beginning of their new independent life, every bit of extra money will always be helpful.

For that reason money will definitely be a safe choice of gift. 

It is not easy to find the right gift for everyone. Make sure to pay attention to their interests, future plans and the ways in which they like to spend their free time. This age is a rather special one and the right birthday gift can either make it more fun or help support their start in real adulthood.

For more ideas check out the article Creative bday gift ideas.