Discover Passion in Interesting Hobbies

Finding engaging hobbies In this fast-paced world can be an excellent way to relax, learn new skills, and enrich our lives. This article is for anyone seeking inspiration to broaden their leisure activities. 

From crafts involving epoxy resin and beads to outdoor pursuits. We will explore hobbies that are creative, improve health, and provide accomplishment. The experiences shared on are drawn from real-life and professional knowledge. They aim to inspire and guide our readers in their pursuits.

The craft of epoxy resin

Epoxy resin

One of the most popular and satisfying hobbies of recent times is working with epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is a material used to create beautiful items, from jewelry to home decorative pieces.

The process involves mixing epoxy resin with a hardener, then pouring it into molds or onto surfaces. Once the mixture hardens, you have a transparent, glass-like object that we can decorate or use as it is. Some people add pigments to the resin before it sets to create colored objects. But some people place items like dried flowers, photos, or glitter inside the resin.

An exciting and rewarding hobby is working with epoxy resin. It allows for endless creativity and the opportunity to make personalized gifts or items for your home.

Bead crafting

Another creative hobby is bead crafting. There are endless possibilities when working with beads, they are in various shapes, sizes, and materials.

Bead crafting can involve making jewelry, decorating clothing, creating beaded art, or crafting beaded curtains or chandeliers. It’s also a great way to improve fine motor skills, relax your mind, and create unique pieces.

Gardening for wellness


Gardening can be a therapeutic hobby for those who enjoy spending time outdoors and love nature. Planting and watching seeds grow into strong and beautiful plants can be rewarding.

Gardening is broader than just those with a big backyard. Container gardening is a great option for people living in apartments or with minimal outdoor space. Herbs, vegetables, and even small fruit trees can thrive in containers. They provide a relaxing hobby and fresh produce for your kitchen.

Cooking and baking experiments

If you love food and enjoy experimenting with flavors, cooking or baking could be your ideal hobby. A fun and fulfilling pastime can be trying new recipes, mastering old ones, or creating your own. A solyanka soup recipe is a good example.

You can make pasta, learn to bake bread, and explore different cuisines. Cooking provides delicious treats to share with friends and family and a creative outlet. You can also professionally cook restaurant-quality food at home.

Photography explorations

With the convenience and advancement of smartphone cameras, photography has become a hobby accessible to many. It’s a fantastic way to capture memories, explore creativity, and enhance observation skills.

From landscape and portrait to macro and street photography, there are many genres to explore. We can mix photography with other hobbies. For example, if you love hiking, you can take beautiful nature photos during your trips.

The world of hobbies is vast

You can find passion in creating epoxy resin or beads, gardening, cooking, or photography, the world of hobbies is vast and exciting. Remember, the goal is not to master a hobby immediately but to enjoy the journey. Your hobby should counterbalance your professional life, offering relaxation and satisfaction in your free time.

Table Talkers

The Art of Creating Engaging Table Talkers for Café

I’m sitting here, my coffee cooling in its cup, and my thoughts are wandering towards the magical world of table talkers. You see, I’ve always believed that table talkers are much more than just folded cardstock placed strategically on a café table. 

They are silent salespeople, storytellers, artists, and even a bit of psychologists. Today, let’s explore the art and science of creating table talkers that don’t just sit there. Ones that also grab your customers’ hearts and prompt them to action.

Craft compelling visuals

First thing’s first, you have to think of compelling visuals that are not boring. As an artist paints with colors, you too have to “paint” your table talkers with compelling visuals. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. But in a bustling café, you have mere seconds to capture attention. So be sure to choose visuals that are striking and relevant, ones that will make your customers stop mid-sip and lean in for a closer look. 

Maybe it’s a tantalizing image of your newest dessert, or a warm, inviting photo of your team. It could even be a simple yet bold graphic that epitomizes your brand. Remember, the eye is drawn to beauty, so ensure every pixel counts.

Master the art of copywriting

Beyond the visual, there’s an equally vital element in our table talker creation process which is persuasive copywriting. 

This is the story we are telling, the voice that whispers in your customer’s ear. It could be the poetic description of your signature latte, a playful invitation to join your loyalty program, or a heartfelt thank you note to your customers.

The secret to effective copywriting is understanding your customer. Speak their language, tap into their desires, solve their problems. Be clear and concise, but don’t be afraid to infuse emotion and personality into your words. 

After all, we’re all human, and we crave connection, even with our local café’s table talker. 🙂

Make sure you understand the power of colors and fonts

Color and typography are more than just design choices. Generally speaking, they’re psychological tools that can evoke emotions and influence decisions. 

Surely you have heard of color psychology because it is a real marketing tool. Red, for instance, can evoke feelings of excitement and passion, while blue can instill a sense of trust and calm.

The key is to choose colors and fonts that align with your café’s brand and the specific message you’re trying to communicate. Consistency is crucial, as it helps your customers recognize your brand instantly and builds trust over time.

Table Talkers

Creativity is the magic ingredient

Creativity is the magic ingredient that binds all these previously mentioned elements together. It’s about daring to be different, pushing boundaries, and surprising your customers in delightful ways. 

And you can truly be creative with your table talkers. Make sure to put on them something fun and noticeable. Maybe it’s a clever pun, a hidden discount code, or a table talker that doubles as a postcard. 

Whatever it is, let your creativity shine. Because at the end of the day, we’re not just creating table talkers—we’re creating moments of connection, joy, and surprise for our customers.

In the end, creating engaging table talkers for your café is an art. One that involves a dash of psychology, a spoonful of design, a sprinkling of creativity, and a whole lot of heart. 

Become good at balancing function and aesthetics

The successful creation of engaging table talkers hinges on striking a perfect balance between function and aesthetics. Of course, they need to look good to attract your customers’ attention, but at the same time, they must serve a clear purpose.

Consider your objectives when designing your table talkers. Are you trying to promote a new product, boost sales during off-peak hours, or improve customer awareness of your loyalty program? Your goals should guide the design process, ensuring your table talkers are not only attractive, but also effective.

Remember, less is often more. So avoid cluttering your design with too many elements. Use white space strategically to create a clean, organized look. This way, your message will be easily digestible at a glance, without overwhelming your customers.

Don’t forget to experiment and iterate

No matter how much thought and effort you put into designing your table talkers, it’s unlikely that you’ll hit the jackpot on your first attempt. And that’s okay! The beauty of these miniature billboards is their versatility and adaptability.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different designs, messages, or positioning strategies. Gather feedback from your customers and staff. Keep an eye on your sales or any changes in customer behavior. All these insights can guide you in refining your table talkers and improving their effectiveness over time.

In conclusion – make your table talkers speak your brand

The journey of creating engaging table talkers for your café is indeed an art, filled with creativity, strategic thinking, and a bit of trial and error. The most captivating table talkers are the ones that reflect the soul of your café – your whole brand identity, your values, your story.

So, next time you sit down to design a table talker, take a moment to reflect. Think about what you want to communicate, how you can make it visually compelling, and how you can write a copy that touches hearts. Remember the power of colors and fonts, and don’t be shy to let your creativity fly.

Because in the end, each table talker is a small yet powerful testament to your café’s brand. And who knows, that little piece of folded cardstock on the table might just be the spark that ignites a lifelong love affair between your customer and your café.

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diy creating your own candle

DIY – create your own candle

Candlelight gives the room a pleasant atmosphere, the oils in it soothe and improve sleep. They can also be included in your interior as a decor or presented to your family and friends as a nice, homemade gift. It really isn’t that hard to create your own candle and in this article I will teach you how to do so.

If you need any ideas for both storebought and homemade gifts, you can find other gift ideas in my article Creative bday gift ideas.

Let’s get to creating our own DIY candle!

Ingredients for your DIY candle

candle ingredients

Here’s everything you will be needing to make your own candle.

There are many different recipes since some people make candles from soy, others from beeswax, like I’ll be doing.


  • 450 g of beeswax;
  • 100 g of coconut oil;
  • Candle burner and candle burner metal legs;
  • Scotch tape;
  • Essential Oils;
  • Glass dishes for candles;
  • Dried petals (optional).

Flower petals is a nice touch if you want your candles to be super cute and romantic. You don’t have to add them if you don’t want to. Instead you can also add some glitter. That’s a good idea, too.

Step by step: how to make your candle

how to create your candle

Here’s a step by step instruction you need to follow in order to create your own beeswax candle.

Step number one: prepare the candle dishes. Pour out the candle burner through the candle burner foot and attach it to the middle of the base of the dish.

Step number two: melt 450 grams of beeswax along with 100 grams of coconut oil. Coconut oil will ensure that the candle burns evenly.

Step number three: add the oils. When the wax and oil have melted, add the essential oils, about 1-2 tablespoons of each essential oil and mix. Pour the wax into dishes, but make sure that the burner does not change its position. You can put a pencil on the dish, in the middle of which attach the tip of the burner with a scotch.

Step number four: decorate the candles with dried petals. When added at the beginning, the petals will sink a little during freezing, but if you do it later, the petals will remain on the surface. When the wax in the dishes is numb, turn the burners over and the candles are ready!

And there you have it – your own DIY candle! Your self made candle, that can be a great gift for yourself or your loved ones!

Here’s more on gift ideas in the article Zero waste gift ideas.

birthday gift ideas

Creative bday gift ideas

Birthdays are one of my favorite days to celebrate. It’s a day that revolves only about the birthday’s owner. It’s the responsibility of the rest of the people – friends, family and loved ones – to make that person feel truly special. One way to do so is by having cool gift ideas.

When it comes to looking for appropriate birthday gifts, it can be challenging. To help you with that, I’ve compiled this list of fun and creative birthday gifts.

I’m sure you will find appropriate gifts for both men and women in this list. There’s somegood gift ideas for everybody – for you mom and dad, wife or husband, aunt or uncle etc.

Happy gift hunting!

Personalised necklace


There’s rarely too much jewellery so that’s exactly why they’re good gift ideas. Any girl (or guy) would love to receive a beautiful jewellery piece. Especially if it’s been personalised. Necklaces will never go out of style, because there are so many variations to them. And it’s nice to have options.

What makes this gift even more special, is the personalisation. Whether that’s choosing the style or color of the necklace, or going as far as engraving it with a personalised message or initials – it’s an amazing gift idea.

Ride with a hot air balloon

hot air balloon ride

Now here’s a gift idea that’s appropriate for big celebrations, because it is rather expensive. It can be a good gift for a special birthday when you turn a significant age – 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50 etc. A ride with a hot air balloon is an experience of the lifetime that everyone should definitely try at least once.

It’s a beautiful opportunity to fly high in the sky and completely enjoy the moment. No matter where you live, the view will be something extraordinary. Some try flying with a hot air balloon to get over their fear of heights. It’s a somewhat peaceful way to enjoy a flight because the rising is so gradual you barely notice it.

Everyday planner


If you’re looking for a present for someone who’s birthday is at the end of the year or at the very beginning of it, a good gift could be an everyday planner. It’s a useful gift that is appropriate for anyone, since you don’t necessarily have to be a busy person to own a good planner. 

Check out my article Plan your day and be happy to learn more on ways, how a good planner can improve your daily life.

Film camera

film camera

The more digitised our every-day life is, the more it seems we all want to go back in time. Is it just me? Maybe. But I would love nothing more than to get a cool film camera to take a few pictures on! 

Film cameras just seem to give a different vibe to the photos – a little bit grainy, warm toned with daylight, cool toned with flashlight, vintage-looking ect. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who likes taking photographs, this could be a very cool gift idea.

Relaxing SPA day

spa day

SPA centres are the best place where you can get absolute rest for your mind and body. When it comes to choosing a gift – it can be anything from a relaxing massage to facial, from getting a new manicure to a fresh haircut etc. There are so many procedures that leave you feeling good and relaxed.

This is another gift that will make your birthday boy or girl feel really loved and taken care of. It’s so lovely to receive a gift that’s whole purpose is to make you feel calm and relaxed. This is a perfect gift idea for your mom, wife or girlfriend, your closest friends etc.

Sustainable water bottle

water bottle

Daily humans are supposed to drink around 2 litres of water. For some it’s easier, for some harder. One thing that can definitely help, is always having extra water in your sustainable water bottle. My personal favorite is 24Bottles brand – their bottles are lightweight, stylish and high quality. More on this brand check out my article 24Bottles are my favorite.

It is nice to receive a gift that will not only improve your every-day life, but also your health and well being. Therefore a good quality and sustainable water bottle can really be a nice gift to get someone you care about.

Yoga mat

yoga mat

If you’re looking for a present for someone who likes exercising or would only now like to start, a good quality yoga mat is a must. It helps out a lot and makes working out so much more enjoyable. Besides, if the person you’re getting this gift for has talked about getting healthier for a while now, this will serve as great motivation.

I know that I just couldn’t bring myself to exercising for a very long time. The second I got a yoga mat, now it’s always there and I simply do not have an excuse not to do exercise.

Bath bomb set

bath bomb set

If you’re planning to get a gift for a busy person, who rarely has free time, then it’s a good idea to get something for their home. If they’re living a busy life, they could probably use some time off and relaxation. And since they don’t (probably) have enough time for a SPA day, then you can bring SPA to their home. 

A good start is getting a scented bath bomb set. Nothing a warm and relaxing bubble bath can’t fix! It also makes a good gift because there are so many fun bath bombs to try out – and they all are very pretty. Perfect for a gift! 

Ride with a dirt bike

dirt bike

Now there’s an active gift idea that some of your friends or even family members might enjoy! Riding with a dirt bike is somewhat of an extreme adventure that will give you a chance to fully let go and get loose. 

Best way to get this gift is with a gift card, unless you’re planning to go along with the birthday person. It will definitely be a fun time to remember! And you must not worry, because there are always professional instructors that will prepare you for the ride in well made tracks.

Handmade soap

handmade soap

Hand made gift ideas are always more appreciated because you’ve put your time, effort and creativity into making it. One cool idea is to make your own soap – or candle, bath salt or a good scrub. All of these things are fairly easy to make at home and you only need a few ingredients. There are a lot of soap making recipes on the internet.

You can later even personalise this gift with your own chosen colors, scents and decorations. Include a cool message for the birthday girl or boy. Maybe even try out your skills at writing their name on the soap or something creative like that! It will definitely be the coolest soap in their home!

Homemade candle DIY

diy candle gift

Candles are amazing – they fill up the room with light and create such a lovely atmosphere. Especially in the winter when it gets dark so fast in the day. There’s nothing better than watching a fall movie in the candlelit room. What a vibe!

To make a gift more special, it’s always good to create it yourself. For a fun experiment and a good gift idea, create your own candle. I’ve made an article DIY – create your own candle, on steps and ingredients you need to make your own beautiful candle. Hope you try it out!

A fun photoshoot

fun photoshoot

Another fun gift idea could be a photoshoot in a fun location. If your friend or family member feels good infront of the camera, then maybe they would love the chance to get some new photos. Just make sure you find a perfect location that they will love!

Maybe it’s a photoshoot by the beach, in a field of sunflowers or whatever else is in the season at the moment. Make sure you find cool outfits and have a few ideas to let the gift receiver to choose. It will be such a good time well spent together!

Hope you found what you were looking for and these gift ideas were useful! 

less waste gifts ideas

Zero waste gift ideas

Zero waste is a movement created to reduce unnecessary consumption of a variety of things. The goal of this lifestyle is to use less – ditch plastic, use reusable and sustainable options instead, think more of the planet and the surroundings.

Even though I personally am not living a hundred percent zero waste, this is a movement I greatly support. Especially when it comes to choosing gifts for my loved ones. It’s so fun to create something useful instead of buying.

So in this article I will show you a few ideas on DIY zero waste gifts. 

Let’s begin!

A homemade body scrub

Zero waste gift ideas

Who would’ve thought, but one of your favorite hot beverages – coffee – can also be used after drinking it. The leftover coffee that stays in your mug can easily be transformed into a wonderful, good smelling body scrub. 

Coffee grounds can actually cleanse the skin from the dead cells as well as toning it. Your skin will feel refreshed and smelling wonderful. There are a bunch of different recipes online to choose from so be creative and have patience to find the right one.

You can also experiment on your own and find other ingredients to put to use from your kitchen. For example, cinnamon has some amazing antibacterial properties. Cinnamon enhances circulation and makes the skin softer.

Similar to sugar – it gives skin a healthy glow. That’s why there are so many sugar scrubs out there! 

Besides, scrub is so easy and quick to make. And unlike ones from the store, you will know for sure it will contain only natural and harmless ingredients.

Candles for a cozy feeling

Zero waste gift ideas

Winters can get pretty long and dark. Each and every candle can be a much needed ray of light and coziness. It definitely makes my days brighter and leaves me feeling better all together. 

Although making a candle is a little bit more complicated than making your own scrub, it is still pretty manageable. It will definitely turn into a fun adventure for you and the person who you’re making this gift for will surely appreciate the effort put in.

When I think of candles, I quickly think of a scented one. That’s the best part of candles – lighting one up and filling your whole home with good smelling scents. You can implement a scent of your choosing in the form of an essential oil. 

Healthy homemade snacks

Zero waste gift ideas

In times of celebrations – birthdays, Christmases etc, it’s often hard to not overeat. Food is everywhere and you catch yourself thinking – but we’re celebrating! To compensate for all the yummy food, it’s good from time to time to make something healthy. 

A healthy homemade snack also goes for a great gift idea. Especially if you’re making it for someone who’s always busy or doesn’t cook/bake themselves.

The gift can be homemade cookies, a healthy banana bread or sweet energy balls from dates, for example. You can variate with all these foods and make them for your liking.

Bath bombs

Zero waste gift ideas

If the person you’re making a gift for likes taking relaxing bubble baths, you can give them something useful in this area. For example, a cool bath bomb.

Here you can allow yourself to be completely creative. You can play with different shapes, colors and even scents. While picking ingredients, remember to stick to the most natural ones. Some that will make their skin moisturized and fresh.

A sustainable coffee mug

coffee mug zero waste

Another sustainable gift idea is a reusable coffee mug. This gift is especially great for a real coffee (or tea) lover.

Often we don’t even realise how much time and money is spent getting coffee during the day. Drive-thru’s, stopping by coffee shops on the way to work etc. You can save your time, money AND resources by just getting a reusable coffee mug and making your coffee at home.

That way you can make coffee for the whole day if you’d like. It’s a great way to live your everyday life more convenient and waste free.

More on this gift idea read in the article Coffee mug – a sustainable zero waste gift.

Good quality tea

Zero waste gift ideas

Another great gift idea that will certainly be used a lot by tea lovers – tea! Pick the tea that would suit the best with the person you want to give it to. This gift idea is useful and can be gifted with much love, since there are teas that help with pain relief, stress relief, bettering mood etc.

For example, lately a super popular choice is a chai tea and chai lattes. Chai tea has a bunch of good qualities. The caffeine in the black tea will wake you up on the dark winter mornings when getting out of bed is a challenge itself.

Keep in mind that chai tea also improves the digestive system, prevents nausea and pain, strengthens the immune system and lowers cholesterol. 

And what’s even better – you can make it yourself too. All you need is good quality black tea and various spices – cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger powder, nutmeg etc. There is no doubt that tea lovers will love this gift!

As I hope you loved these gift ideas!