24Bottles are my favorites

For a few years now I’ve been choosing a sustainable water bottle over the many plastic water bottles I used to buy in my every-day life. But only recently I discovered my now absolute favorite brand of water bottles – 24Bottles.

It’s an Italian brand that was born in Bologna, Italy. I can’t believe it has taken me years to notice this brand since I’ve found them to be truly amazing on many levels. So here I am, writing this article in hope that I will inform somebody else about this cool water bottle brand.

Reasons 24Bottles is my favorite brand

I’ve compiled some of the main reasons I’ve fallen in love with this specific brand. 

Great and aesthetic design

When looking for a sustainable option for your daily needs, it is just as important to find beautiful gadgets. It can be sustainable clothing, planner, shoes, water bottles and anything else. It has to have a good design – and 24Bottles definitely don’t lack this problem.

Its creators have mentioned that aesthetically looking water bottles can convince people to adapt a sustainable lifestyle. Most of it is about the looks. That’s why 24Bottles is creating a wide range of colorful, cool patterns to put on their water bottles. I personally love all the colorful ones – LOVESONG, SKYBEAU, POSEIDON, PROMENADE, GREEN MARBLE etc. 

24Bottles are my favorites

Super lightweight

What makes this brand different from all the others are the new Clima bottles that are super lightweight.

24Bottles have a wide range of products – both basic water bottles and also insulated Clima bottles that will keep your drink hot up to 12 hours. They also have some cool looking tumblers to take for coffee or tea. I get around just fine with a Clima bottle!

Helps you save the planet

By choosing a sustainable water bottle, you begin fighting the plastic industry. I didn’t even notice how much plastic I was wasting before I learned about sustainable water bottles. 

Now that I have a good water bottle, it’s helping me save our planet every day, step by step. I really do believe that one person can make a change and that is what 24Bottles is helping me do. My bottle is with me every step of the way.

24Bottles are my favorites

A socially responsible brand

Besides just selling me the bottle, 24Bottles is a socially responsible brand. From choosing the right materials in the making of the bottle to design and the actual manufacturing. They make people a priority and I can truly sense that – even if it’s only through communication on their social media!

Their goal is to envision a global economy that uses business as a force for good. This brand does really strive everyday to reduce the bad impact on the environment.

What’s special about every bottle, is that it has a -0.08 written on it. That’s the amount of carbon footprint that you’re NOT leaving by using your water bottle. To fix the carbon emissions they do use during manufacturing the bottles, 24Bottles has planted a forest named Oxygen.

For every purchased bottle they plant 1 tree in their forest which I think is amazing! So far they have planted more than 8.5 thousand trees in the Oxygen forest.

Support the brands that do good for the people and the environment!

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